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Meet Stacey Lerman: 2019 ‘Best Personal Trainer on Long Island’ (Includes interview)

“The readers of Long Island Press and the followers of Intelligent Fitness have nominated us as ‘Best Gym on Long Island’ every year since 2010,” she said. “In 2016, we won our first title and we have won eight titles since 2016. My husband, Phil and I have won Best Personal Trainers in 2016, 2018, and 2019, as well as ‘Best Gym’ in 2018 and 2019, and Phil won the ‘Best Life Coach’ award in 2017, 2018, and 2019. We are so grateful that Long Islanders consistently vote us as ‘The Best’ in a competitive field of deserving nominees.”

When asked what motivates her each day, Lerman said, “I was a divorced mother of two kids in 2006. I wasn’t sure what direction I was taking or what I was going to do with my life. I knew I had to be a positive influence on my children and show them that ‘mommy’ was strong, assertive, and powerful.”

Lerman continued, “I began working for a local fitness chain but decided that I needed more. After I met Phil, I was motivated to become a leader in his company and eventually took over an ownership role and helped him to mold a company that was recognized island wide. The best example I could set for my kids was to show them that I was not a victim of divorce but a victor in becoming a leader in my own life and an inspiration to others who desired more.”

Regarding her plans for 2019, Lerman said, “It is my life’s work to better the lives of people, ‘one body at a time.’ This mission means more to me than just the sum total of my personal goals. Intelligent Fitness’ goal is to improve the overall quality of lives of Long Islanders.”

“I feel like it is my life’s work to be better than yesterday and continue to stay on the cusp of new and innovative ideas that motivates my competition to imitate what we do. My people depend on me to be vigilant and positive. I believe in sunshine and rainbows,” she added.

Advice for aspiring personal trainers

For young and aspiring personal trainers, she said, “Personal Training is a selfless career. The person who decides that this is her calling must put the health, welfare, interests, and needs of others before one’s own. This person must be capable of putting the needs of the many before the needs of the one.”

“A person must be a critical thinker and capable of helping a client to analyze causalities to life’s biggest problems and then work to derive realistically executed solutions that are based in reasonable, rational, logical thought. It is important to remember that the decisions a practitioner makes regarding a client will grossly impact this person’s life, positively or negatively,” she elaborated.

Digital transformation of the fitness industry

On the impact of technology on the fitness industry, Lerman said, “I see the implementation of technology in fitness training as a necessary tool but a double-edged sword. Though it does help people through applications and online services, I fear it will eventually erode the ‘personal touch’ of personal training.”

Lerman continued, “We do use various information technology solutions to power our business; however, I still believe that people who love people will never fully turn themselves over to a computer. They will still need to feel the energy that is shared between an excited person in living color versus the hologram that is a simulated image transmitted over the Internet.”

For their followers and supporters, Lerman said, “I never imagined that a casual love of fitness would result in three ‘Best Personal Trainer of Long Island’ championships and two ‘Best Gym on Long Island’ wins. I loved fitness with all my heart but never thought it would be the sole income of my life and the passion for my work.”

“For almost 15 years, I have enjoyed an upward climb with many great, supportive followers. Without Phil – my husband – I could never have come this far. He was my first mentor, one of my first great supporters, and the reason why I have come so far. Phil says that I was his best student and now, his best friend, partner, and an inspiring leader,” she said.

“I have only reached this level of success due to the confidence of him, the many people who subscribe to my belief in our worldview, and my rejection of ‘fad fitness’ beliefs and fitness centers who are dedicated to faulty logic,” she added.

She concluded, ” I am grateful every day of my life that my children can look up to me not only as ‘mommy,’ but also as someone who braved the challenging world of business to rise to the ranks of ‘The Best’.”

To learn more about Intelligent Fitness, check out their official website and Facebook page.

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Markos Papadatos is Digital Journal's Editor-at-Large for Music News. Papadatos is a Greek-American journalist and educator that has authored over 15,000 original articles over the past 15 years. He is a consecutive five-time "Best of Long Island" winner that has won such categories as "Best Author," "Best Blogger," "Best Poet," "Best Twitter Account" and the coveted "Best Long Island Personality" twice.

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