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Meet Mike Valles: CEO of Interior Illusions

Mike Valles chatted about serving as CEO of the lifestyle company Interior Illusions.

CEO Mike Valles.
CEO Mike Valles. Photo Courtesy of Interior Illusions
CEO Mike Valles. Photo Courtesy of Interior Illusions

Mike Valles chatted about serving as CEO of the lifestyle company Interior Illusions.

He discussed being a CEO and entrepreneur in the digital age, and the ways that he uses technology in his daily routine.

Job description as CEO

On his job description as CEO, he revealed, “I am involved in all aspects of the business because I’m an incredibly hands-on owner. So, I’m deeply involved in sales objectives, marketing, customer relations, and the day-to-day needs of the

“I take part in all aspects of daily operations but also work on the bigger picture parts of the brand including buying, merchandising, and goal-setting,” he added.

Origin of Interior Illusions

On the origin of Interior Illusions, he shared, “It originated in 1998 in Fresno, California. I was working with my mother who is an interior designer and we decided to open a design boutique, by appointment only. Eventually, the concept took off and we opened a retail store front.”

“You know I am just from a small town and from a working-class family,” he said. “I came to the big city with a vision and dream, and after 25 years of consistency, blood , sweat, and tears, I am where I am today.”

Valles continued, “I am a firm believer that you should surround yourself with those that are more knowledgeable than you, so I really owe a lot to my team as well. Interior illusions has grown to a larger business, but our core values and commitment remain at the top. Our customer experience is what matters most to me. Every customer is appreciated, and is not just a transaction.”

Being a CEO in the digital age

He opened up about being a CEO and entrepreneur in the digital age, at a time when technology, streaming, and social media are so prevalent.

“The digital age has its challenges,” he admitted. “I am on the cusp of when Digital really took off, so having to adapt to the changes and technology hasn’t always been easy, but it’s also extremely rewarding.”

“Our reach as a company and our products are much larger with a global footprint now,” he added.

Utilizing technology in his daily routine

On his use of technology in his daily routine, he said, “Whether it be through phones, computers, apps, or inventory systems, we use technology to connect even when we’re in remote locations.”

“In the world of AI, we are able to simulate creative design ideas and present to clients in a way that brings their dreams to reality,” he said.

Proudest moments with Interior Illusions

Valles shared some of his proudest moments with Interior Illusions. “Our expansion and the acquisition of the different business buildings in my portfolio. I am a firm
believer that long term wealth and success in business derives from physical assets like property,” he said.

Future plans and goals

Regarding his future plans and goals, he revealed, “Our plans include expansion into full-service exterior landscape design including hardscape, pools, and outdoor living experiences to be offered under the umbrella of Interior Illusions.”

“We’re also going to be introducing a state-of-the-art inventory system, to allow us to scale the business for the retail side of what we do,” he added.

Daily motivations as an entrepreneur

On his daily motivations as an entrepreneur and CEO, he said, “My passion, my internal commitment of being able to do all I do. I’m very self-driven and always
looking to make a better version of myself each day.”

“Seeing the growth and the expansion of Interior Illusions is a proud moment that makes me strive for that next level lifestyle,” he admitted.

Career-defining moments

When asked if there were any moments in his career that helped define him, Valles responded, “Landing my first A-list celebrity client gave me confidence in my ability as a designer.”

“We can second guess ourselves often, but once I was paid to execute my design vision for someone that could choose any designer they wanted, that gave me a big confidence boost,” he acknowledged.


On his definition of the word success, Valles said, “Success is meeting and achieving your goals whatever they may be.”

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