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Meet Maria Menounos: Cookbook author, TV host, lifestyle expert (Includes interview)

Two years ago, Menounous released her critically-acclaimed cookbook, The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking. “My mom is such a great cook, and I loved the idea that she cooked with just a few ingredients,” Menounos said.

Menounos continued, “My mom used olive oil, salt, and pepper, some oregano. I love the idea that we can get people cooking easy, fast, delicious, healthy meals. I love solutions to things. My life revolves around figuring out solutions for people for everything.”

Each day, Menounous is motivated by “trying to live a happy and healthy life.” “That’s what I am trying to do every day,” she said. “I am trying to live in the present as opposed to worrying about the future.”

Menounos hopes that in the future she will have some kids. “We will figure that out soon,” she said. “We will get to that part.”

She shared that Home Chef is launching their “Meal Makeover” challenge today, on September 20. Menounos encouraged fans to go to the Home Chef website to enter for a chance to cook with Home Chef for at least four weeks from September 17 to November 16, where one can win prizes in cooking essential, and a copy of Menounos’ book; moreover, Home Chef offers meals that anyone can cook. They can tag @realhomechef with #HomeChefMealMakeover on social media, for a chance to win more prizes each week.

For aspiring entertainers, she said, “Be prepared for the life that you are choosing. It can be lonely and very hard. It’s a lot more work that you can ever imagine. It’s a grind and it’s a hustle, but if you really love it, you should do it.”

On the impact of technology on the entertainment business, Menounos acknowledged that it has changed it so much. “Entertainment news, hosting, and journalism, in general, is getting more and more savvy with video. I would do the interviews on election night on the fly in Chicago. I would shoot my interview without my crew because I have an iPhone.”

Menounos defined the word success as fulfillment, happiness, and health.

For her fans, she concluded, “I found a solution that has helped me be able to stay home more, and cook a delicious, healthy meal for my husband and my friends, and you have that meal in 30 minutes. I think Home Chef is great since we need more connectivity and we need more time at home. We are always on the go, so it is nice to get grounded and be home and have a nice home-cooked meal.”

To learn more about TV host Maria Menounos, check out her official Facebook page and her website.

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