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Meet Kerry Neal-Shaw: Events Director of Tavern on The Green (Includes interview)

On her job description as events director, she said, “An exact description of my job exists somewhere in a file in the HR office. I don’t believe in the events world our job descriptions can ever be complete. The things we need to be prepared to do at a moment’s notice are endless and sometimes hilarious.”

She is drawn to Tavern on The Green for a variety of reasons. “Working in one of New York’s most iconic locations is a dream because we have a special client base; they come to us knowing Tavern on The Green, in an almost intimate way,” she said.

“Even those that have never been here have seen the movies, heard the stories and are intrigued by our 85-year history which means we must deliver on a magical experience every time and I love that challenge,” she added.

On her future plans, she said, “We are always working to grow our business and particularly with events. We want Tavern on The Green to be seen as the premier event venue in New York City.”

“If you want a big blank square room, we might not be what you are looking for but if you are interested in an iconic location with handcrafted decor and multi-room capabilities for everything from a star-studded movie premiere to your corporate gala to the wedding of your dreams, we are it,” she elaborated.

“We are here and ready to host you at the very pinnacle of service and hospitality in the center of the greatest city in the world,” she added.

Each day she is motivated by her love for the pace of the events department. “Our crew doesn’t stop we hit the ground running every day. You arrive at the office and the phones are ringing off the hook, the team is bustling, showing the venue, checking availability for our clients, setting up and executing events, and running to the kitchen to update a menu. It is just nonstop,” she said.

Digital transformation of the food service industry

On the impact of technology on the food service industry, she said, “Tech has sped everything up. Having been in the industry for 25 years, I am always amazed at the time it doesn’t take to turn an inquiry into a booking.”

“We can get a proposal to a client in minutes and have a contract signed within a half an hour of the original call and all from a cell phone,” she added.

Regarding her use of technology in her daily routine as an Events Director, she said, “For me, I think I would be lost without our Tripleseat Event Planning and Booking platform. Every morning, I grab my coffee and get on the platform to review the day, week or month ahead.”

“I can generate my sales report while simultaneously working on a contract and checking availability for a client’s event. Everything from leads, bookings, BEO’s and sales reports all in one place,” she said.

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She defined the word success as follows: “Success is hearing back from a corporate event planner that the event she planned at Tavern on The Green made her look like a rock star. Or a bride calling to say her big day was beyond her dreams. Success is following through,” she said.

“I want people to understand that Tavern on The Green is a team of exceptionally passionate hospitality professionals who are excited to work at creating amazing events for our guests,” she concluded.

To learn more about Tavern on The Green, check out its official homepage.

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