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Meet Allie Marxx: Van traveler and Skydiver

Van traveler and Skydiver Allie Marxx chatted about her career and the digital age.

Allie Marxx
Allie Marxx. Photo Courtesy of Allie Marxx
Allie Marxx. Photo Courtesy of Allie Marxx

Van traveler, social media sensation, and skydiver Allie Marxx chatted about her career and the digital age.

18 months ago moved her whole life into a van and set out to uncover the most thrilling experiences, places, and people across the country. 

Always seeking something more exciting, Allie first jumped out of an airplane on her 18th birthday and has not looked back since.

Growing up, like many people, Allie battled with mental health, and never felt like she belonged. That first jump was life-changing for her and opened her eyes that her path wasn’t going to be “normal” and that was completely okay.

Every day Allie sets out on a new adventure, hoping to show and inspire people through her stories, show that true happiness lies in following your passion and empowering women to rise above what’s holding them back.

Through her van life of skydiving and other extreme outdoor sports like bungee jumping, surfing, and rock climbing – Allie has found her purpose and achieved a life of physical accomplishments, but mental peace and simplicity removed from the traditional constructs of society.

Allie’s social media pages are filled with content that not only shows the unbelievable highlights of her days, but also the bad days as she processes her feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and self-worth that millions of women like Allie struggle with every day.

“The biggest thing that inspires me is freedom,” she said about her daily motivations. “It’s my biggest motivator living van life and skydiving. I can drive anywhere I want whenever I want and when I’m in the sky even if I’m jumping with a huge group of people in the end it’s my life in my hands. It’s up to me to show up for myself and that’s so freeing.”

On being a skydiver in the digital age, she said, “I personally love being a skydiver in the digital age because it allows me to take my creative abilities to a whole new level. Skydiving is such a raw feeling making it a great way to portray emotion and ultimate freedom. Social media has also been such a bonus way to connect with fellow jumpers.”

Regarding her future plans, she said, “I will continue to travel the U.S. on my van and I have some plans to travel abroad soon (including a yoga/surf retreat in Costa Rica). I will grow my skydiving abilities and get to know my mind-body connection on an even deeper level. I’ve always had a passion to help others and I plan on taking that passion to the next level in October when I attend school to get my REMT (Remote Emergency Medical Technician).” 

On her biggest influences in life, she said, “My biggest influence growing up was my church’s youth group leader Kenny. I was the middle child growing up and often got put on the back burner. He saw my need for love and “adopted” me as his little sister, hypothetically. He introduced me to the power of love and helped me discover my passion to help others thru communication.”

She opened up about some of her career-defining moments. “I think moving into my van was my biggest career definer because that was when it was game time. I completely switched my life from how I was previously living and I never felt more like myself and confident I was on the right path when I decided to make the change,” she said.

Marxx continued, “There’s been plenty of bumps while living on the road and I’ve had to just swallow my fear and handle them. For example, my van needed new tires a while ago and I had to go get them changed. That’s such a simple task to get done but society teaches us, women, that we need a man with us to get car work done or we’ll get ripped off.”

“My anxiety was thru the roof when I pulled up to the ‘Goodyear’ but I will never let fear stop me from doing something I want/need to. This is a minor example and to take it to something bigger, let’s talk skydiving. Overcoming your fears is what gives you that euphoric feeling. Confidence and growth start with feelings of discomfort,” she elaborated.

On her definition of success, she explained, “Success to me means nonartificial happiness. I want to feel like I’m giving my part to the world by sharing my passions and wisdom. I want to spread love to everyone I know and don’t know and have strong genuine relationships.” 

For her fans, she remarked, “A mistake I made when I first got into social media is I would try and become the people I liked or thought we’re getting positive attention when I should have been using their content to inspire me to find my own authentic path.”

“The greatest power we all have is that we’re the only version of ourselves. The world doesn’t need another Allie Marxx, the world needs you. My hope is that I can grow a family by following on social media and inspire people to get out there and live their own authentic paths full of passion and fire,” she concluded.

To learn more about Allie Marxx, follow her on Instagram.

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