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Made Man Skincare Partners With Athletes To Empower Positive Masculinity

One company seems to finally provide a solution and alleviate men’s skincare plight.

MadeMan photo courtesy Thomas Herd
MadeMan photo courtesy Thomas Herd

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Women are blessed with access to a myriad of skincare solutions—be it online or brick-and-mortar—to take care of any problem their skin may have. Men, until recently, were left out in the cold, or almost, at least a bit neglected compared to women.

To make things worse for men who are primarily after simplicity since the caveman’s times, whatever skincare solutions are available for them are still way too complex for everyday use. What’s offered may even scare them away and make them return to the ‘ole good’ beauty staple – a bar of soap.

One company seems to finally provide a solution and alleviate men’s plight. MadeMan, founded by a multi-faceted entrepreneur and former Bitcoin-investor Jeremy Gardner, is determined to make skincare accessible to men with a simplified two-step solution. What Jeremy offers will suit both a businessman without making inroads into his busy schedule and the “macho man” who may consider soap a beauty product.

Jeremy’s resolve to revolutionize men’s skincare is deep-rooted and presents a personal challenge: skin problems plagued him since childhood. Created out of the desire to alleviate his skin struggles, which resulted in frustration rather than a real solution, MadeMan’s formula is as easy as soap. It is as efficient as the most complex multi-step skincare regimen.

Just two products take care of a full-scale skincare routine packing all the essentials. The Re(Set) Collection packs two components—The Refresher and the Resetter. The first is a powerful all-in-one moisturizer; the second is a face wash that doubles as a shaving cream. The simple and functional solution may well reduce the percentage of men who do not take care of their skin, a staggering 55% of the male population, according to some studies. 

Behind every personal challenge is a more far-reaching purpose. Jeremy’s cause is to inspire men to reach their full potential. MadeMan’s version of a man is “the guy who is the best he can be in everything he does and is the best he can be for the people in his life…it’s about being a good man, it’s about positive masculinity.” With this goal in mind, the company is set up as a public-benefit corporation, with a portion of their proceeds going to Defy Ventures—a non-profit that teaches incarcerated individuals entrepreneurship skills. 

Looking good and acting in tune with one’s looks putting one’s best foot forward is the “modern gentleman’s” way, according to MadeMan’s underlying philosophy.

To learn more about MadeMan’s products and updates, visit its website and social media pages.

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