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Kim Woods talks about her book ‘All About Magic — Beginnings’

Kim Woods chatted about her book “All About Magic — Beginnings.”

Kim Woods
Author Kim Woods. Photo Courtesy of Kim Woods
Author Kim Woods. Photo Courtesy of Kim Woods

Kim Woods chatted about her book “All About Magic — Beginnings.”

Woods addressed being an author in the digital age, and how the digital landscape has impacted her approach to writing and connecting with readers. She also explained how astrology helps business leaders with decision making, setting strategy, creating plans, and scheduling.

Background on Kim Woods

Woods is an author, business strategist, entrepreneur and a master astrologer, who combines her knowledge of astrology with her 25 years of C-suite experience to teach business leaders how to achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.

She has been named one of the “Top Female Entrepreneurs” disrupting the business world in 2022 by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Book Description

The synopsis is: Magic is everywhere and tapping into it is easy – if you know how. Creating space in your life, learning about energy, and connecting to your intuition are the first steps to living a magical life.

Next, blending practical, accessible, and extensive solutions helps you access and use your magical side. Then, learning of divination and vibrational tools, discovering the potential of cycles and seasons, and realizing the quality of connecting to your inner guides amplifies your magical powers in practical ways.

This book is a survey of lots of different magical methods for readers to explore. As you uncover those that speak to you, this format allows you to access them in relation to others of their kind. Energy is magic. Intuition is magic. You are magic.

Q & A interview

What inspired you to write All About Magic – Beginnings? How has magic helped you create the life you want?

Once you’re on the path of spirituality, enlightenment, or intuition development, there are so many options, pathways, and information, it’s exciting and daunting at the same time.

In the beginning, the world opens up and you can explore any and all. Then, after a time, there’s too much information and it’s not easy to determine how it all fits in, how to make sense of it and critically, what you can do with it. I imagine quilters have this issue with their fabric – it’s a collection that keeps growing, but what do you do with the reams you’ve collected? At least a quilter knows how to use the fabric. With magic, you may or may not know what to do with it.

My All About Magic – Beginnings book is an attempt to take each magical tool and invite readers to get a sense of how it’s used, how to apply it in their daily lives, and where it fits within magical energies.

I’ve selected the most common tools and categorized them into four areas. First, divination tools that give you more self-awareness. Vibrational energies that can assist your body and heart to heal your connection with yourself and others. Cycles and seasons to give you the natural rhythm and tempo you’re meant to follow to stave off exhaustion. Finally, inner Guides to connect to your intuition.

My magical development path was as circular as anyone else’s and it began at the turn of the century with very little internet use, no online learning and far less acceptance of magical ways.

I remember trying to get my client CEOs to be more in touch with themselves, so I had them color in coloring books, do children’s puzzles, and listen to stories from fairy tales or other such impactful simple stories. This was the extent they would accept.

Now I walk into my client’s stars the minute they’re born and channel the voice of their souls. We then incorporate oracle messages, healing facilitation and business strategy into every aspect of our work together. Magic has had a life-changing impact personally and professionally.

Could you elaborate on the concept of creating space in one’s life as a crucial step in accessing and embracing magic? How does this practice enhance the magical experience?

Your intuition is quiet and patient while your mind is active and impatient, so creating space allows your intuition the opportunity to be heard. When you first tap into your intuition, you notice signs and symbols such as repeating numbers or animals, such as birds, vying for your attention.

Once you tune into these signs from the universe, using magical tools supports the opening of your mind and heart to further your intuitive connection. Divination tools such as oracles cards or numerology send you messages, and vibrational instruments such as crystals, chakras, and singing bowls, provide healing energy to relax your body and restore your heart’s natural sense of peace.

Using your favored magical tools adds fun as you develop your intuitive practice.

With a background in business strategy and astrology, how did you integrate your unique expertise and experiences into your writing process for All About Magic – Beginnings? How did these elements shape the overall structure and content of the book?

Since I’m a strategist, taking a multi-purposed long view served me as I developed a workshop series by magical element and delivered each of these subjects in live in-person weekly classes.

The group of participants had hands-on experience with each magical tool, and I gained the ability to know how they responded with every one of them. I created a handout, guided meditation, and provided my own magical tools for each class.

Teaching these weekly classes was a delight as I got to relay my own stories and knowledge while sharing my own magical tools, most of which I had outgrown. It made me fall in love with these tools all over again.

I also held quarterly star parties to give each attendee a reading, whether through astrology, The Tarot, or crystals, to convey oracle messages while enhancing my own skills. My pricing was minimal as it was entertainment for my participants and a skill-honing exercise for me.

Once I held the first few classes, I knew I could use each class as a chapter to construct this book. I had set up the subject matter across the categories, so the book’s construction was streamlined and fast-tracked. Writing out the guided meditations was already completed through the workshop series.

However, it did take me time to record each meditation as it’s a pet-peeve of mine to have to read a guided meditation when trying to align intuitively.

As an author in the digital age, how would you describe your experience and how has the digital landscape influenced your approach to writing and connecting with readers?

Being able to self-publish a book digitally makes it easy to convey the knowledge you wish to relay without the expense of traditional publishing for the authors and this method lowers the price of the book for the readers. It also enables authors, such as me, to directly connect with my readers through blog writings, articles, social media posts, and teaching videos across social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As an author, I can also deliver online courses to support the teachings in my books.

It’s been particularly helpful to me as I haven’t written the All About Magic – Mastery book as I intended but have been delivering the subject matter as a living book through my weekly, monthly, and yearly astrology forecasts and intuition development teachings on The Tarot, Akashic Records, Astrology 101, Palmistry, and many more. You can find my forecasts and some of my teachings on my YouTube channel.

Are there any particular magical methods or practices that you personally find most impactful or meaningful? If so, could you share a brief anecdote or example of how they have enriched your own life?

Astrology is it for me as it’s so powerful in life and business. In business, astrology is important because it creates certainty and calm amidst chaos.

Astrology helps business leaders with decision making, setting strategy, creating plans, and scheduling. It helps inform teams of direction and next steps, as well as gives insight into team strengths, communication abilities, and effective skill building methods.

For my own business, everything is based on astrology, from decisions regarding high-level multi-year strategy to timing during the day for reaching out to a prospect or associate.

I use the sun and its power to leverage each monthly zodiac sign for coordinating launch cycles for seasonal programs and rely on the moon for timing of my business growth and optimization phases.

My organizational planning is dependent on my personal astrology as well as the worldly annual forecast. Big star events are scheduled and communicated to my company’s audience to take advantage of the star energies for expansion or deepening, depending on their influences.

Astrology is so effective as my company has grown exponentially even during the pandemic.

“All About Magic — Beginnings” by Kim Woods is available on Amazon by clicking here.

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