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Julana Dizon finds her life’s calling in animals, exploring wildlife, and traveling

On-camera host, model, and eco-explorer Julana Dizon chatted about “Wild Adventures with Julana.”

Julana Dizon
Julana Dizon. Photo Courtesy of Julana Dizon
Julana Dizon. Photo Courtesy of Julana Dizon

On-camera host, model, and eco-explorer Julana Dizon chatted about “Wild Adventures with Julana” and the digital age.

Margaret Mead once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” This wise quotation applies to Julana Dizon. 

As a woman of Filipino-American heritage, she has been an advocate for education, hard work, leading by example, and chasing your dreams. From a young age, her parents encouraged her to follow her heart and taught her that she could do anything she puts her mind to.

Her biggest passion has always been animals and after obtaining a biology degree from Florida State University, she worked with exotic animals for four years before she began modeling in 2012.

After traveling internationally with contracts in Cape Town, Uruguay, and Canada, she settled down in Los Angeles, California, and expanded her career to include on-camera hosting, acting, and digital content creation.

“YouTube was always something that I wanted to do,” she said. “I’ve had this idea to do my own travel show for a long time, especially where the main premise of it is going places and seeing animals or having some wildlife experience. When I was searching I couldn’t find any other shows out there so I had the idea to create my own show a couple of years ago, and it took me about five years, to finally get to a point to put it out. This year was the year for that,” she explained.

The digital age

On being a content creator in the digital age, she said, “I think it’s easier now more than ever because you have the ability to create your own concepts via YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. As a content creator, you have a lot more control of the shows that you want to see on TV and streaming services because you can just create them.”

Regarding her daily motivations, she said, “I just love animals. I love animals so much that now that I am doing content that is centered around animals and traveling, that just gets me excited.”

On her career-defining moments, she said, “There are a couple. My background is in biology and way back, before I started doing any video posting, I worked with animals as an animal trainer and as an education ambassador. So, I had that background and once I got into entertainment hosting here in Los Angeles, I was really able to merge those two things together, and that was very helpful.”

For young and aspiring content creators, she said, “If you have an idea just start and don’t worry about all of the logistics and don’t get caught up on being a perfectionist.”

On the title of the current chapter of her life, she said, “Create and connect.” “I am creating something I really care about and I am trying to connect with people that care about the same thing,” she said.

If she were to have any superpower, she revealed that it would be the ability to “talk to animals.”

Her hobbies include exploring new places and camping with her husband, “Days of Our Lives” actor Carson Boatman, and their two dogs.

On her definition of the word success, she said, “I defined the meaning of success for myself as being able to have total freedom and control over my life and my schedule.”

Dizon concluded, “If you are someone who loves animals and enjoy traveling, I hope that you can check out my YouTube series ‘Wild Adventures.’ These are places where anybody can go to get up close with animals and wildlife.”

To learn more about Julana Dizon, follow her on Instagram and check out her official homepage and her official YouTube channel.

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