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Jewelry rules for male fashionistas

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When selecting jewelry to spruce up your look, you should consider two things: how well they match your clothing, and how well they work together.

To help you in your journey of picking jewelry, here are some simple fashion rules that will help you dress sharp:

1. How much jewelry should a man wear?

The rule of thumb for jewelry is to not overdo it. You may attract attention with a lot of bling, but the essence of jewelry is to adorn its wearer — not create a showcase of accessories.

If you are accessorizing, you want to select no more than three items to wear at a time. For men, some classic options include:

  • Cufflinks, a tie clip, and a watch;
  • A watch, up to three rings, and a bracelet;
  • Earrings, a pendant, and a watch;
  • A necklace, rings, and a bracelet.
    With accessories, fewer is better and you want to strategically place them to liven up your look.

    2. Think about what is appropriate for where you are going

    You might like to dress well, but there is no need to use cufflinks or a tie clip if you are going to a bar with friends — unless you’re Barney Stinson, that is.

    Similarly, you probably should leave your earrings and hand full of rings at home if you work from the office or you’re heading to a business meeting.

    When you’re at home or with your family, you might want to minimize the number of accessories, too.

    On the other hand, wedding bands and classic watches are never a sore thumb — you can boldly wear those anywhere. In all other cases, give it some thought before you put this or that piece on.

    3. How jewelry works with clothing and other accessories

    A watch makes a good match to any other piece of jewelry. You can also easily combine a watch with men’s rings made of silver and necklaces.

    That said, you do want to be careful you don’t overdo it with a watch and bracelet simultaneously.
    Instead, it’s best to evenly distribute items over your body and avoid concentrating everything in one place. The exception is rings – a few pieces on both hands will be enough to capture attention without going over the top.

    If you want to express yourself with jewelry and make it a focal point of your look, choose plain, neutral-colored clothes. A white or black t-shirt will do the trick for a casual look, and a classic suit of solid colors is always a winning combo for formal occasions.
    You should try to have your clothes and jewelry work together. If your accessories are made of leather, then other leather elements of your look (belt, shoes, wallet, etc.) should sport the same color and finish. Avoid combining shiny and smooth finishes with rugged and textured ones.

    If your clothing blends a few colors and textures, make sure they don’t clash and opt for one ornate piece of jewelry to be the centerpiece of your look instead of wearing multiple items.

    Metal accessories should be chosen with great care as well. It isn’t a crime to wear gold and silver together but if you’re not sure that these pieces match then trust your gut. When in doubt, go for an all-silver or all-gold look. You can spice that look up by introducing leather details — a leather watch strap or bracelet for example — while also keeping color compatibility in mind. Brown leather will help gold stand out while gray and black is the best complement for silver.

    Summing things up

    If you are looking to transform your style with jewelry, start with a watch. This basic accessory goes well with literally everything.
    For beginners, we don’t recommend putting on more than three pieces of jewelry simultaneously. The more items you add, the harder it gets to blend them.

    The most important thing is that jewelry should capture your personality instead of hiding it. Therefore, you should consider quality before quantity. One thing that represents you is way better than a bunch of trinkets with no meaning.

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