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Inspiring speaker Jimmy Bennett shares how to manifest your dream life

A change in mindset is one of the significant factors that can transform a person’s life within a brief span.

Jimmy Bennett
Photo courtesy Jimmy Bennett
Photo courtesy Jimmy Bennett

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A change in mindset is one of the significant factors that can transform a person’s life within a brief span. In Jimmy Bennett’s case, it was the solution that changed him from a homeless high school dropout grappling with the realities of a life-altering diagnosis to a multi-millionaire within a decade. It was instrumental in the multiple businesses he has established and the success he has enjoyed since.

At the impressionable age of 15, Jimmy dropped out of high school and started what became a life of perpetual frustration. For the next nine years, he did more dead-end jobs than most people do in their entire lives and slept on park benches for months on end. All this while he perceived his inability to complete anything he started as proof that he was destined for failure and accepted it as his lot in life.

At 24, Jimmy gave education a final shot and enrolled in a local college. Although he says he did not gain much academically, his interactions with two teachers and the local basketball coach changed how he viewed himself. They also contributed to his discovery of the principles that have made him a successful investor, author, and speaker.

The first principle Jimmy learned in his journey is the importance of gratitude. Regardless of how bleak your circumstances seem, there is always something to be thankful for. When Jimmy was homeless, he always started his day by thanking God for the air in his lungs and his conversations with people.  If you can’t find big things to be grateful for, start with small ones and work your way up. Once the habit forms, you will find yourself becoming a more fulfilled person.

The second principle is giving. Poverty is a disease that only generosity can cure. You can’t wait until you have enough to share to start giving because that will never happen. As Jimmy learned, giving even when it hurts attracts more. Giving 10 dollars out of every 100 will make it easier to give 100K when you have 1M. Jimmy’s favorite quote reminds him of that every day. It says, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can be entrusted with much.” 

Jimmy’s third principle is not sweating the small stuff. When you focus on the things that you can’t change, you give them the power to control you. Consequently, you remain stuck in your circumstances and encounter even more problems later. To avoid that, train yourself to put things into perspective. The truth is, the things you are worried about today will not matter very much a year from now. Focus on what you can control and let life unfold as it may.

Jimmy’s fourth principle is letting go. Growth requires accepting that the past happened and then looking ahead. Instead of focusing on what people did or said about you in the past, keep your thoughts on what you want in the future and work towards getting there. Harboring resentment or negativity will only keep you stuck while the offender goes about flourishing in their life without even thinking about you. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, too, and start doing better for a better life.

Lastly, Jimmy says you have to watch what you say about yourself and your future. Change your language and speak as if you already have what you desire. Your words are a creative force that the universe responds to. You can bless or curse yourself with your tongue but you have to pick. So start speaking life over what you do and watch as your dreams begin to materialize. 

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