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How does wearable technology impact fitness goals?

This technology also has the potential to be put to use in a wide variety of other important ways, including tracking certain health factors and perhaps even transmitting the results directly to a medical professional.
At the current time, manufacturers are mostly focused on creating wearable technology that provides fitness, entertainment or connectivity solutions.

For example, the Apple Watch combines the best elements of a wristwatch with the iPhone in order to keep people fashionably connected without keeping a smartphone in their hand. However, companies that are harnessing the power of wearable tech as a method for assisting people with their fitness and health goals are well-poised to make a strong showing in a bloated market that is filled with electronic devices.

Some of the most exciting developments in wearable technology are being created with the assistance of Kickstarter campaigns. For instance, Glow Headphones give users the opportunity to listen to music and track their heart rate at the same time. As an added bonus, these headphones will also help keep people safe in dim or dark light conditions due to the fact that their colorful glow is very bright.

Although inventions like the Glow Headphones are useful because they serve multiple functions, it is also important for fitness conscious individuals to pay close attention to several different aspects of their health. Due to this, manufacturers such as LifeBEAM have an advantage in the wearable technology marketplace. LifeBEAM promotes its products with the tagline “We make the world’s most advanced wearable instruments for measuring human performance.” This is a bold claim to live up to, but the company’s work with the aerospace industry definitely helps to solidify their standing as an important developer and manufacturer of wearable technology.

The overall purpose of any type of wearable tech is to give humans information that they can use to help improve their lives. LifeBEAM’s Smart Hat is a good example of how this technology is supposed to work. The hat is lightweight enough to wear during a wide variety of exercise activities, ranging from jogging to playing sports. Although other people will see a simple but stylish hat, the user will receive several pieces of important information that can be transferred to their smartphone or smartwatch.

During physical activity, the Smart Hat measures the individual’s heart rate, steps and calorie consumption. This data can all be utilized to ensure that fitness goals are being achieved without putting any undue strain on the user’s heart. This could be especially beneficial for people who have a heart condition or those who wish to improve their calorie consumption without letting their heart rate become overly elevated.

Interestingly enough, wearable technology already appears to have a future in professional sports. It is not surprising to consider athletes using something like the LifeBeam Smart Hat or Glow Headphones when they are in training, but the CEO of the San Francisco 49ers believes that there is a future for products of this nature within the NFL and NBA.

In fact, 49ers CEO Jed York and the Golden State Warriors CMO Chip Bowers both predict that the analytics that could be received from a modified version of wearable technology may help prevent injury, enhance performance and keep athletes healthy enough to play for an extended period of time. Smart shoes, socks and insoles are already in production, and it is easy to conceive of one of these items being tweaked to fit into the world of professional sports.

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