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How canvas prints can help those bare home office walls

This is a sponsored article written by Jainam Shah, CEO and Owner of CanvasChamp.

Unfinished. Temporary. Makeshift. Good enough for now. Does this describe the state of your current home workspace?

As working from home is becoming the new normal for so many as a result of the COVID pandemic, it only makes sense to invest some time and energy to upgrade the space that you’re spending eight-plus hours in a day.

Not only will it help inspire you and increase your productivity, but it will convey a sense of professionalism and personality to your colleagues and clients on your next video call.

One easy place with lots of impacts to get started on this transformation? Dressing up the four walls around you with high-quality canvas prints. After all, those walls are what you’re looking at all day and what are showing up on your laptop’s camera.

We’d like to get you off on the right foot with a few things we’ve learned since starting CanvasChamp in 2012.


Courtesy CanvasChamp

Get personal

It’s your space, so make it your own.

Surround yourself with images that inspire you, comfort you, have meaning in your life, and reflect your personality. As professional designer Jo Heinz says in this article for Entrepreneur, “your office should be a connection to yourself, your spirit and your productivity.”

The photos you already have are the perfect way to do this, whether your family, pet or a favorite vacation.

Our design tool at Canvas Champ gives you the best options for customization when it comes to printing your photos. Most online stores and physical photo labs don’t give you enough freedom to do the same.


Courtesy CanvasChamp

Inspire yourself

You don’t have to stop at images when it comes to creating the perfect canvas print for your home office. Motivational quotes and phrases can help you keep your energy levels up and maintain focus through the workday.

“Filling workspaces with motivational images such as vision boards and inspiring quotes can also aid productivity,” says Patrick McCrae, CEO of UK art consultancy ARTIQ, in an interview with Forbes.

With Canvas Champ, the good news is that we make it easy to add inspirational lyrics or text to your image of choice.


Courtesy CanvasChamp

Make it last

You want your treasured canvas prints to last. With children, pets, the passage of time, and mother nature all on hand to wreak havoc, you need to ensure that you’re purchasing from a supplier who understands what it means to make a product with longevity in mind.

At Canvas Champ, we offer museum-quality prints using long-lasting cotton canvas and latex ink. To further increase their longevity, our prints are coated with a protective, scratch-resistant UV laminate. And of course, there is a lifetime warranty on each print.


Courtesy CanvasChamp

Don’t break the bank

Looking around your workspace right now, you might find yourself thinking that you have a lot of empty space to cover on those walls.

So just how expensive is this whole project going to be?

We have great news for you — at Canvas Champ, we have some of the most competitive pricing in the market. In fact, if you find a better-published price, we will match the price and give you an additional discount of 10% off the price of your order.


Courtesy CanvasChamp

So how do we do it? We are one of the largest wholesale printers in the industry, and high volume allows us to get materials and supplies directly from the manufacturers at low prices. We believe in passing these savings on to our customers, especially when it comes to canvas prints.

Now that you know what to look for when bringing new life and vibrancy into your home office, there’s one final step: start designing your first canvas print.

This is a sponsored article written by Jainam Shah, CEO and Owner of CanvasChamp.

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