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Honoring the 2nd June 21st Wagyu Day Celebration

The concept of Wagyu Day was first introduced by Steve Haddadin, an avid steak connoisseur, who dedicated his birthday, June 21st, to celebrate the delicacy of Wagyu.

Photo courtesy Steve Haddadin
Photo courtesy Steve Haddadin

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Wagyu has gained immense popularity around the globe for its unparalleled tenderness, marbling, and exquisite taste. Originating from Japan, this one-of-a-kind cattle breed has been nurtured for centuries and remains a popular choice for food lovers worldwide. The concept of Wagyu Day was first introduced by Steve Haddadin, an avid steak connoisseur, who dedicated his birthday, June 21st, to celebrate the delicacy of Wagyu. Steve wanted to acknowledge the remarkable experience of Wagyu by dedicating a day solely to the delicacy of Wagyu and highlighting its authentication process.

Wagyu Day, first celebrated in 2022, highlights the meticulous rearing and production procedures that contribute to the remarkable taste of the legendary beef. One of the key aspects of Wagyu Day is to raise awareness so that people can authenticate the Wagyu they are eating. To achieve this goal, Steve Haddadin has set out the purpose of Wagyu Day to be a celebration day and spread awareness of the authentication process by the Japan Carcass Verification Bureau.

Most Wagyu lovers do not even know about the existence of the authentication process. To authenticate the Wagyu beef on your plate, request a copy of the authentication certificate and enter the 10-digit cattle ID into the Japan Carcass Verification Bureau website. From there, a detailed history of the cattle will be provided if the certificate is legitimate. Haddadin thrives on authenticity and perfection. One example of his particularness is that in 2022, he celebrated his birthday by honoring Wagyu Day at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, Columbus location, enjoying their A5 Wagyu from the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. The real estate ‘King’ aims to make Wagyu Day a momentous occasion where chefs and food lovers appreciate the legendary beef. 

The Wagyu Craze in the U.S 

In 1976, Wagyu beef made its way over to American soil. However, during the initial years, there were only a handful of cattle in the country. In 1993, American farmers were able to import Japanese Black females, allowing them to breed the first full-blood Wagyu cattle in the US. This move resulted in an increase in the production of premium quality beef in America. With time, American admiration for high-quality beef increased, pushing the imports to an all-time high in the 1990s. Although Japan stopped the imports soon after, in 1997 Americans understood Wagyu’s importance and began replicating the production at a local level. Since then, Wagyu has found a new home in the hearts of millions of food lovers nationwide.

The scarcity of Wagyu beef is another element that intrigues food connoisseurs to invest hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to acquire the unique taste. According to the American Wagyu Association, there are nearly 40,000 Wagyu cows in America today, with only a few thousand 100% purebred or “full-blood.” 

Steve’s decision to dedicate his birthday to celebrate Wagyu Day is nothing less than an ode to the love of Wagyu. One of the many reasons to celebrate Wagyu Day was to allow people to learn about its numerous benefits. Apart from the buttery texture, it also maintains its legacy of being a healthier choice than other beef types. Wagyu’s stardom is a step towards pushing Americans to know more about what they consume every day. This step will encourage people to make better choices and live a healthy life.

An Unforgettable Experience

With Steve’s determination to educate the masses about Wagyu, there’s no doubt that we will continue to see an increase in the consumption of Wagyu. This day of celebration welcomes everyone in a world of unparalleled taste, tradition, and innovation. It aims to bring food connoisseurs and chefs together to appreciate the authenticity of Wagyu beef.  With more people acknowledging its importance, Wagyu is sure to rule the hearts of Americans.

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