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41 honey products with high-level of Roundup herbicide glyphosate

Unsafe levels of glyphosate in honey?

Glyphosate is what is called a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide, the star ingredient in Monsanto’s signature weed and plant killer Roundup. The product has been marketed since 1973 and is used extensively by commercial food producers, homeowners and some government agencies around the world. The run-off from Roundup usage even manages to bring a level of glyphosate in our drinking water.

There is considerable debate still about just how safe glyphosate is for plants, humans and other animals but the maximum limit of quantification (LOQ) for honey is considered to be 15 parts per billion (ppb). Sixty-nine samples of honey products were tested and 41 had glyphosate levels between 17 and 163 ppb, with the mean average being 64 ppb. The 28 with levels below15 ppb may have had levels just below it — the tests did not record levels under 15ppb.

Abraxis and Boston U also tested both pancake and corn syrup, soy sauce, soy milk and tofu. Of those, concentrations above the method LOQ for soy sauce, which is 75 ppb, were found in 10 of the 28 samples tested at a range of between 88 and 564 ppb, which translates to a mean of 242 ppb. The other products did not test above their maximum ppb guidelines.

“Sad news” on levels of glyphosate

Sustainable Pulse is an agency that provides detailed information on GMOs and sustainable food production and the director, Henry Rowlands, was not surprised at these test results. Mr. Rowlands did not sound optimistic that the FDA will do anything about it.

“This sad news shows just how widespread glyphosate is in our food,” he said. “With the increase in GM crops being cultivated worldwide it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid.

“If you ask anyone if they feel there should be ‘allowed’ levels of toxic chemicals such as glyphosate in their bodies the answer will of course always be ‘no,’ he added. “It is a fact that the scientific and regulatory process cannot evidence ‘safe’ levels for these chemicals.”

The use of the chemical is so widespread it has been found in mother’s breast milk, and in particularly high concentrations in U.S. women. It is easily picked up by bees and even some organic honey products contained glyphosate.

Of the 69 honey products tested by Abraxis and Boston U., 11 were organic and five of those tested above 15 ppb, results ranging from 26 to 93 ppb, with a mean of 50 ppb.

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