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High rise, High Price For Hillary Clinton’s Office

NEW YORK – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new Senate office in New York City is the most expensive office for any US Senator. The $514,000 annual rent is more than twice as much as paid by United States Senator Charles Schumer who has an office one block away.

The 5,650-square-foot space is on the 26th floor of an East Side skyscraper. The federal General Services Administration says it will be $90,000 a year more than paid by California Senator Diane Feinstein.

However, Clinton’s spokesman Jim Kennedy said that there was nothing unusual about Clinton’s choice of space in the 50-story building. He said that New York City is an expensive place for office rentals.

Kennedy said that Clinton actually was saving taxpayers a bundle by moving into 780 Third Avenue rather than taking over the more glamorous Chrysler Building offices of her predecessor, Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Moynihan was paying $280-thousand dollars a year but a new lease would have jumped to $627-thousand dollars.

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