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Hair transplant in Istanbul

Istanbul is the world’s hair transplant hub. Discover state-of-the-art clinics and skilled surgeons for natural-looking hair restoration.

Photo courtesy Now Aesthetic
Photo courtesy Now Aesthetic

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Istanbul is renowned as a leading destination for hair transplant procedures, attracting individuals from around the world seeking effective solutions for hair loss. With its advanced techniques, experienced surgeons, and affordable prices, Istanbul has gained a strong reputation in the field of hair restoration.

FUE: The Pioneering Technique

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) stands as one of the most popular and successful hair transplant in Istanbul techniques practiced in Istanbul. It has revolutionized the field by offering a minimally invasive approach and delivering natural-looking results. FUE involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor area, typically the back or sides of the head, using a specialized microsurgical tool.

The extracted hair follicles are then carefully implanted into the areas experiencing hair loss or thinning. What sets FUE apart is its ability to provide excellent results without leaving a linear scar, making it an appealing option for those who prefer to wear shorter hairstyles. Moreover, the recovery time is relatively fast, and the procedure causes minimal discomfort during and after the operation.

DHI: Precision and Innovation

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is another advanced technique widely available in Istanbul’s reputable hair transplant clinics. DHI takes the principles of FUE a step further by implementing a specialized pen-like device called a Choi implanter. This instrument allows surgeons to control the angle, depth, and direction of each implanted hair follicle with precision.

The Choi implanter ensures that the transplanted hair aligns naturally with the patient’s existing hair, resulting in a seamless and undetectable hairline. Additionally, the reduced handling and exposure of hair follicles during the DHI procedure enhance their survival rate and promote a higher density of transplanted hair.

Istanbul: A Haven for Hair Transplant Tourism

Beyond its expertise in hair transplant techniques, Istanbul offers a host of advantages for individuals seeking a hair restoration journey. The city’s strategic location, bridging Europe and Asia, provides a unique cultural fusion that captivates visitors. Istanbul stands as a vibrant metropolis where centuries-old history coexists with modernity.

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