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Functional patterns give you a blueprint for improving mobility and strength

Keeping in shape is beneficial to your health, and exercising regularly is essential.

Image courtesy Functional Patterns
Image courtesy Functional Patterns

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Keeping in shape is beneficial to your health, and exercising regularly is essential for a healthy body and mind. On the other hand, staying fit is a requirement to be embraced in your daily routine, especially as you become older. Research has shown that regular exercise and an active lifestyle provide numerous benefits for your body.

Many age-related health concerns, such as heart disease, brittle bones, obesity, and diabetes, can be avoided by staying fit and healthy. Also, integrating fitness into your daily routine helps keep your muscles and bones as healthy and robust as possible. This is important for mobility and doing your daily duties. You require bone density, healthy joints, and active muscles to continue your everyday tasks without being dependent on others.

Established in 2009, Functional Patterns is a brand that gives you a blueprint to improve mobility and strength. Naudi Aguilar, the founder of Functional Patterns, believes in the conceptual framework of Functional Patterns. Training in relation to an organism’s biological characteristics was born out of this framework after stringent testing and diligent research.

A leader in the fitness industry, Functional Patterns has helped thousands across the world, including notable sports personalities such as Johnny Eblen, who became Bellator’s number one middleweight contender, and Kyle Dake, who was able to revamp his career and successfully win 3 world championships and an Olympic bronze medal after he was set to retire dealing with career ending injuries.. Functional Patterns has also helped thousands of people with chronic pain and other conditions function better and alleviate the pain of double amputees. This also includes people with neurological conditions, people with disc herniations, and those who have just been involved in car accidents. 

With over 20 licensed facilities worldwide, the Functional Patterns brand attributes its success to its competent and experienced practitioners spread out on most continents over the globe.

Since its inception, Functional Patterns has adopted an integrative approach to its practice, drawing on anthropology, kinesiology, biology, sociology, physiology, and more. The online spread of the Functional Patterns training system exploded after releasing the Power of Posture in 2013. Thousands of individuals sought training to resolve their imbalances and learn how to move better by going beyond the standard techniques of the day, bringing in experts from all over the world. 

Since then, thousands of people from every continent have been certified in the FP training system, with many more taking advantage of their 10-week online course from the comfort of their own homes. The cumulative influence of this information on the fitness industry has resulted in a shift in the physical training landscape toward unilateral, rotational, and contralateral movements in workouts and program designs.

The goal of Functional Patterns is to create a level playing field between the limited number of highly competent movers and the vast majority of “average Janes/Joes.” To bridge this gap, they’ve undertaken the difficult task of codifying the human blueprint of biomechanical movement. Through Functional Patterns training, we can reconfigure how humans move, allowing them to access kinesthetic intelligence and better their supposed “innate” movement capabilities.

This emphasis is on accessibility as a feature of the training approach, simplifying complex subject matter for ordinary people to use in FP’s clients’ daily lives. Functional Patterns is helping clients achieve symmetry and muscular balance, allowing them to move better, look better, and function without pain.

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