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Feeding the Hungry, Detroit Style

Gleaners Community Food Bank is reminding Detroit area residents to
leave non-perishable food items at their mailbox on Saturday, May 13th.
The Eigth-Annual National Association of Letter Carriers/United States
Postal Service Food Drive will collect the food to help families in need
in the community and take the donations to the Post Office to be
delivered to Gleaners Community Food Bank that day.
This is one of the most successful food drives ever. Gleaners Community
Food Bank has reserved space for the more than 300 thousand pounds of
food expected to be collected by the Letter Carriers. Last year, more
than 376 000 pounds were collected bringing the total to 1.9 million
pounds collected over the past eight years.

Campbell’s Soups will supply a reminder notice that the letter carriers
will deliver to more than 600 000 southeast Michigan residents the week
of May 8th. Gleaners and the Letter Carriers will team up for a kick-off
press conference Thursday, May 11th at 10 a.m. A caravan of Postal
Service vehicles, with police escort, will travel through downtown
Detroit and arrive at Gleaners for the press conference where officials
will announce more details on the national food drive.

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