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Crystal Wash uses bioceramics technology to stand out in the washing detergents space (Commissioned Content)

Wouldn’t you love to switch to a safer, greener, gentler and more natural laundry alternative, all while saving hundreds of dollars per year? Now you can with Crystal Wash, the innovative new way get your clothes naturally clean.

Not just clean, crystal clean. Crystal Wash has no harsh, toxic detergents, perfumes or dyes. It’s all natural, so you know it’s better for the environment than traditional laundry detergents. You may think this means it doesn’t work as well, but not so fast. Crystal Wash has been proven to be as effective as your old detergent. It’s also a great value because it lasts for 1,000 loads of laundry, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars per year.

Crystal Wash began with a desire to change the way we do laundry. Throughout modern history, Americans have relied on conventional laundry detergents that often contain toxic chemicals that can harm you, your loved ones and the planet we all share. While they may leave your clothes smelling like fresh spring rain, there is nothing fresh or pretty about the negative health effects these soaps may have. According to Mother Earth Living, dryer vents can emit more than 25 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets are used. Seven of these VOCs are classified as hazardous air pollutants, and the danger is multiplied in the case of dryers that don’t vent outside or are blocked.

Conventional laundry detergents are often made using petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances, even when labeled as “fragrance-free.” Many detergents also contain optical brighteners, additives which emit blue light and trick your eyes into believing your clothes are whiter than they are. Even those detergent pods that are all the rage lately have been slammed by Consumer Reports as “too dangerous to recommend” because infants and young children have been known to mistake the brightly-colored balls for candy or toys, ingesting their toxic gel or squirting it in their eyes.

You’ll get none of that with Crystal Wash, which uses cutting-edge but proven bioceramic technology to harness the cleaning power of natural minerals possessing highly effective antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties. Sounds complicated?

“As Crystal Wash moves around in your laundry machine during a cycle, it changes the chemistry and raises the pH balance of the water,” said a company representative. “The higher alkaline water created by Crystal Wash enables dirts and soils to be soaked free naturally. Additionally, this process creates a natural hydrogen peroxide type effect, which disinfects your clothes, killing bacteria and odors” in the process.

“When I came across the bioceramic technology I knew this was important and had to be brought to the market,” he added, noting he also had a personal motivation for a new laundry alternative.

“My newborn had a skin rash when he was first born and it took us a few months to finally realize it was from using laundry detergents,” he explained. “We had to switch to a very expensive alternative detergent that cost about five times the price of your standard detergent.”

Customers are excited about how fresh and clean their clothes get using Crystal Wash. reviewer Cynthia Sue Larson calls it “the only way to wash.” Larson raves how “Crystal Wash leaves clothes with a freshness I’ve not seen in machine-washed clothes in years of doing laundry.”

Crystal Wash is, quite simply, better for you, better for the earth and better for your bottom line.

Click here to visit the official Crystal Wash website.

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