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Marijuana report says pot dangerous for pregnant woman and baby

The study, called Monitoring Health Concerns Related to Marijuana in Colorado: 2014 concludes that the use of marijuana does have negative health effects among certain groups and that some of those effects are dramatic. One such group is pregnant women. It finds smoking pot while pregnant can injure the unborn baby, in this case characterizing their findings as “moderate evidence” the effects are negative.

“The committee reviewed the literature for marijuana use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding,” the report says. “Outcomes reviewed included those apparent at birth as well as physical, neuro-cognitive, and mental health findings throughout childhood and adolescence.

“We found moderate evidence that maternal use of marijuana during pregnancy is associated with negative effects on exposed offspring, including decreased academic ability, cognitive function and attention. Importantly, these effects may not appear until adolescence.

“We also found moderate evidence that maternal use of marijuana during pregnancy is associated with decreased growth in exposed offspring.”

The study was reviewed by the Exec. Director and Chief Medical Officer of the department, Dr. Larry Wolk, and he said it was thorough and that it looked closely at all the evidence available to draw its conclusions.

“The committee’s work represents one of the first and most comprehensive reviews to assess the strength of credible scientific literature available today regarding marijuana use,” said Dr. Wolk.

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