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Christian Carbone reveals his tips to globetrotting in style

Christian Carbone is a 26-year old businessman and property investor based in New York, Tokyo, and London.

Christian Carbone is a 26-year-old businessman and property investor based in New York, Tokyo, and London.
Christian Carbone is a 26-year-old businessman and property investor based in New York, Tokyo, and London. - Photo courtesy Christian Carbone / Thomas Herd
Christian Carbone is a 26-year-old businessman and property investor based in New York, Tokyo, and London. - Photo courtesy Christian Carbone / Thomas Herd

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to travel like a jetsetter? 26-year-old American businessman Christian Carbone knows all about that life. The young property mogul—who splits his time between New York, Tokyo, and London—was aboard close to 60, mostly international, flights in 2019 alone. 

Carbone has been featured in various international publications for his passion for luxury and style, his fitness routine, and his business pursuits.

Here we bring you a quick Q&A with Christian so you can travel like a jetsetter yourself once regulations permit:

Q: How often are you boarding a plane?

Carbone: Pre-COVID, I was traveling about once per week for the better part of the year. Mainly back and forth between New York, Tokyo, and London. I spent most of the past summer and fall in Europe and hopped around quite a bit. 

Q: Is there anything you never fly without?

Carbone: I always bring my silk sleeping mask to ensure that I am well rested when I land, and some skin moisturizer and face wipes to keep my skin looking good. I also bring a scarf,because planes can get cold, and some soft slippers.

Q: Do you have a favourite aircraft?

Carbone: I love the Gulfstream G650 and the Global Express. They are very plush, comfortable aircraft, good ceiling height, lots of light in the cabin. I may have slight preference for the Gulfstream because those trademark panoramic oval windows are hard to beat.

Q: What kind of carry-on do you travel with?

Carbone: I alternate between several, by Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Bottega. I love the timeless style and durability. For me, the optimal carry-on is light-weight, easy to open, and big enough to fit my computer, but not so big that it is a burden. These bags are a pleasure to carry, and genuinely make my life easier as opposed to some of the clunky, cumbersome carry-ons I have seen.

Q: How about for your checked luggage?

Carbone: I think Rimowa’s polycarbonate suitcases are the best product out there for heavy duty travelers. I have several in the matte-black color in the largest size. They are light weight, durable, and easy to pack. Also, the large wheels make them easy to move over any terrain. Rimowa is also very quick to repair damage, even in a foreign country. 

Q: What do you wear when you fly?

Carbone: It’s all about being comfortable and looking good, even if you are about to take a 12 hour nap [laughs]. I usually go for soft joggers and a light-weight cashmere or wool knitted sweater. In warmer climates, I swap the sweater for a t-shirt, and I will bring along a hoodie or light jacket in case it gets cold. 

Q: How early do you get to the airport?

Carbone: I am usually cutting it pretty close. The story of my life is me trying to squeeze too many things into not enough time [laughs]. There have been times when I got to the airport—not a US airport—20 minutes before scheduled takeoff for an international flight, and somehow still made it. 

Q: How do you pass time during the flight? 

Carbone: I probably spend about half of the flight sleepingregardless of the length [laughs]. I don’t know what it is about planes, but they make me tired. Or maybe my body has had to recover from so many long-haul flights that immediately going to sleep has become an instinct. I certainly don’t regret it when I land. I usually spend the remainder of the flight reviewing documents for business. Flying is a good time to think deeply about things, as there are few distractions. 

Q: How do you get over jet lag?

Carbone: Exercise, sleep, and lots of water. I rarely drink coffee. I have a routine that I do every morning no matter where in the world I wake up. It involves about 1.5 hours of exercise and ends with a trip to the steam room. Do that when you wake up and it will both energize you throughout the day, and help you fall asleep at night. Drink as much water as you can before, during, and after the flight, and avoid alcohol on the plane. Airplanes are very dry at altitude and dehydration will wipe you out. 

Q: Do you have a go-to hotel brand?

Carbone: When I am traveling to a new city, I usually opt for a Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental if I can find one. The brands are very consistent, giving me one less thing that I need to worry about when I am busy. I can take that time and focus it on making money. I truly believe that your environment dictates your mindset, which dictates your thoughts, which dictate how you spend your life and what you accomplish. So I have always viewed staying in a good hotel to be a priority and a wise financial investment. Having the assurance that I will be able to wake up in a beautiful room, surrounded by everything I need, goes a long way toward successfully accomplishing whatever I traveled to that city to do. 

Q: Where is the first place you will jet off to once you feel safe enough to travel again?

Carbone: It will depend a lot on when this is. I am long overdue for business visits to New York, Tokyo, and London, so probably one of these. More broadly, I like to summer in the Mediterranean and the English Countryside, and I like to spend time in the tropics and the Middle East during the winter. I am hoping the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will still happen. 2020 was a bit of a lost year from many perspectives, so I’m hoping 2021 will be much better. 

To see more of Christian’s adventures, follow him on Instagram @christianjcarbone.

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