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Chris Weatherman talks about his new book ‘Exploring Home’

Author Chris Weatherman chatted about his new book “Exploring Home.”

Chris Weatherman
Chris Weatherman. Photo Credit: Hughes Fioretti
Chris Weatherman. Photo Credit: Hughes Fioretti

Author Chris Weatherman chatted about his new book “Exploring Home.”

Also known by the pen name Angery American, he has unveiled the 12th installment in his “Survivalist Series” titled “Exploring Home.”

On release day, the book swept the No. 1 positions in Amazon Best Sellers, including Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction (Books), Dystopian Science Fiction (Audible Books and Originals), and Dystopian Fiction sections.

Regarding his inspiration to write this book, he said, “As the 12th book in the series, it had to happen. There is still much work to be done in the Going Home world. The disaster was just the beginning.”

Lessons learned from writing this book

When asked if this book taught him anything about himself, he responded, “Fiction by its very nature is a thought experiment. It gives the author a chance to armchair quarterback ideas and dry run a hypothesis.”

“It’s the nursery for thought and one cannot help but learn more about themselves. In writing this series of books I have learned where my moral limits are. What I would and would not do to survive. It really cemented a saying from a friend of mine, ain’t dead, can’t quit,” he elaborated.

The digital age

On being an author in the digital age, he said, “Technology is both a wonder and a curse. While it makes our lives easier, it comes at a cost. For anyone producing intellectual property, it can be a blessing and challenge. The ability to copy a work or to steal it is probably the biggest challenge to writers.”

“The constant search for unauthorized distribution  and use of one’s work is constant. On the other hand, it makes research much easier. Why go to a city when you can view it through satellite imagery  and even street view? With a computer and an Internet connection you can see nearly any place on the planet with no more effort than clicking a few keys on a keyboard,” he explained.

Advice for young and aspiring authors

For young and aspiring authors, he encouraged them to “just write.” “That’s the hardest part, to sit down at the keyboard and start writing. Don’t worry about what it looks like. Just get it on the page,” he said.

“Then, tomorrow, when you come back to resume, read what you did the day before and go from there. Don’t be too critical of yourself. It takes time to tease the story from your mind,” he added.

Career-defining moments

On his career-defining moments, he said, “From the early days in heavy industrial electrical construction to the later years in the prison industry, every day was a new experience.”

“A life is simply a collection of experiences from the viewpoint of an individual. I’ve also been a firefighter. A firearms instructor, survival instructor as well as a contractor in these fields. With eyes wide open I live my life to ensure I see it for what it is and not for what I am intended to see it as,” he said.

“The most defining moment would have to be the night I decided to write a story on an online forum. I was doing it for fun, for my personal entertainment and it took on a life of its own and changed the trajectory of mine profoundly. It set me on the path to become an author,” he elaborated.

Favorite mottos to live by

Regarding his favorite mottos to live by, he shared, “I stated one earlier, but it’s probably the most important, ain’t dead, can’t quit. Another very important one to me is, control the controllable and don’t sweat the rest of it.”

“I’m stoic by nature and I’ve learned that this type of attitude diminishes stress. With the question, can I have a meaningful impact on this? If the answer is no, I offer it no more of my energy,” he said.


On his definition of the word success, he said, “Quality of life. I don’t place much importance on sales rank or page reads. To me, success is determined by how I am able to spend the most valuable resource we possess, time. If I can spend my time as I choose, then I am successful.”

Closing thoughts on his new book

He remarked about his new book, “Take responsibility for yourself. No one is coming to save you, ever. It is up to you and the decisions you make. Too many people rely on this incredibly intricate and fragile system we have created.”

“Learn skills that will enable you to provide for you basic needs and those of your family. Remember, you are your own first responder,” he concluded.

    “Exploring Home” is available on Amazon by clicking here.

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