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Chef Jonathan Scinto talks about ‘Family Kitchen Revival’ (Includes interview)

They will have a season premiere party in West Hempstead on Long Island. “This is the official release of the most anticipated new “real” reality TV series of 2019 on Amazon Prime Video, Roku via GlewedTV and Samsung Plus TV,” he said.

“The families who were on the show will be attending and its super special that they can share this evening with myself and the Tough Monkey Entertainment, who produced the show,” he said. “We are all watching their stories unfold for the first time on TV for the whole world to see. It’s truly inspirational.”

On his plans for the future, he said, “2020 has several things in store. I’m currently working on a new live show, called ‘Get’n Saucy with Scinto’ is it gravy or sauce? We are planning to tour the US with it. I’m also developing my own entertainment company, focusing on reality TV concepts and Lifestyle shows later in 2020.”

“I will be competing again at the World Food Championships, the largest food competition in the world, where I came in 3rd place in the world in the Chef Category, missing out the top spot by .36 points,” he explained. “I am also writing my book about branding called ‘Lessons In Chef Branding’ A recipe guide to getting your name exposed.”

He noted that the experience of creating and developing “Family Kitchen Revival” was both life-changing and inspiring. “When I first spoke to Sal Conca (executive producer) and Joe Kane (director) about them doing the show, I knew we had a hit show on my hands because it was uniquely different from what reality TV is right now. The show is 100 percent authentic and not scripted. All I knew was the families’ names and any connection to food so I could develop a menu for that family.”

“Myself and my Assistant Chef, Ricky Robertson, went into each families homes and cooked family-style dinners from scratch, making the majority of the recipes for the first time, so there was no room for mistakes or redo’s it had to work because we were only in the families homes for a short period of time,” he said.

“Our table designer and set coordinator, AnnMarie Scinto, helped relax and ease the stress of the families being in front of the camera for the first time,” he said. “She was our true missing piece to helping guide the families through an emotional day.”

“I never expected the show to unfold and touch the inner depths of people’s emotions. The vibe with all these families was amazing, their stories inspiring and courageous, to share with myself and the crew as we came into their homes,” he said.

He continued, “We didn’t know what to expect and they didn’t either, but it was a complete bonding experience from when the word action was yelled. There is still such a thing of family and community remaining in today’s world, where there is so much negativity happening, ‘I’m bringing back feel-good TV,’ where families can watch together and put down their phones and tablets for 30 minutes.”

“You will be able to watch Family Kitchen Revival on Amazon Prime Video, Roku via Glewed TV and Samsung Plus TV on Tuesday, November 19. There will be eight episodes in the series. The show was produced by Tough Monkey Entertainment,” he concluded.

For more on Family Kitchen Revival, check out its Facebook page and its homepage.

To learn more about Chef Jonathan Scinto, check out his Facebook page and his website.

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