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Chatting with Scott Manthorne: Author, entrepreneur, and business leader

Author, entrepreneur, and business leader Scott Manthorne chatted about his new book “The Network Effect: Stories from The Inside Circle.”

Scott Manthorne
Scott Manthorne. Photo Courtesy of Scott Manthorne
Scott Manthorne. Photo Courtesy of Scott Manthorne

Author, entrepreneur, and business leader Scott Manthorne chatted about his new book “The Network Effect: Stories from The Inside Circle.”

He discussed being a part of the digital age, and he shared three of his strategies that he finds useful in his business practices.

Manthorne is a serial entrepreneur and a leader in global networking. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the marketing, business development, strategic networking, and philanthropic endeavors industries.

He has a true passion for helping others and creating a true and positive impact within the world on a macro level. He has worked with some of the most prolific executives from every imaginable business vertical.

Manthorne will be releasing his new book, “The Network Effect: Stories from The Inside Circle” in the next few months.

He calls Sarasota, Florida, his home today, where he enjoys exercising, relaxing, and friendships.

What does a day in your life look like?

I wake up at 7 a.m. Often get right to work. Mornings tend to be focused more on creative thinking projects; afternoons are strategic phone calls. My office faces the Gulf of Mexico, and I make sure to get out to the water for breaks during the day. End each day with a workout at the gym or on the pickleball court. Love to work with music in the background (Radio Margaritaville).

As a global business leader and entrepreneur, what are three key strategies that you look to apply to your business practices?

First, flexibility. Always be open to new ideas, methodologies, and ways of doing things. Second, relationship depth, where value comes from knowing others in a meaningful way. It’s a daily investment.

Finally, time management, which is critical to forward momentum. Utilize Calendly, structured call models, and efficient conversations.

What is the inspiration behind your book “The Network Effect: Stories from The Inside Circle?

Networking has been part of my life. I was inspired to write this book so my daughter knows what I do, to prove to my business community that I’m an expert in the industry, and to show myself I could make it happen. The journey has not been easy, but so rewarding.

How does it feel to be an author in the digital age now with technology being so prevalent?

Digital is an important component to our life, but it will never replace how we build, manage and maintain relationships.

What does the word success mean to you?

Being healthy, being able to help others, being thankful for what we have. I’m alive. I’m happy. I’m free. I’m blessed.

If you could choose between fame or fortune, which would you pick and why?

Fortune. No question. Then, I could help even more people.

For more information on author, business leader, and entrepreneur Scott Manthorne, check out his official homepage.

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