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CEO Antonio Sustiel talks about being an entrepreneur in the digital age

Antonio Sustiel, CEO of Flooring King, chatted about being an entrepreneur and influencer in the digital age.

Antonio Sustiel
CEO Antonio Sustiel. Photo Courtesy of Antonio Sustiel.
CEO Antonio Sustiel. Photo Courtesy of Antonio Sustiel.

Antonio Sustiel, CEO of Flooring King, chatted about being an entrepreneur and influencer in the digital age.

The CEO opened up about how he uses technology in his daily routine, his advice for hopefuls who wish to become entrepreneurs, and he offered his thoughts on AI (artificial intelligence) on the future of the flooring industry.

Background on Antonio Sustiel

Throughout his career, Sustiel has done home renovations for numerous celebrities such as Latina superstar Adamari Lopez, actor Carlos Ponce (“Couples Retreat”) and William Levy.

Sustiel has been featured on such business programs as CNBC’s “Blue Collar Millionaire,” and “The American Dream Show” on Bloomberg TV,  as well as “The New York Daily News,” among other outlets.

The digital age

On being an influencer and entrepreneur in the digital age, Sustiel said, “It is fantastic because not only can we reach a wider audience, but we can also have an impact on peoples’ lives by sharing knowledge, and inspiration and we can promote worthwhile products or services. However, that doesn’t mean that building a personal brand or a business is easy; the competition is fierce and it can be tough to stand out in a crowded space.”

“In order to build a loyal following, you have to post quality content on a consistent basis and you have to engage with your audience. Additionally, managing the business side of being an influencer – such as negotiating brand partnerships or monetizing your online presence – can also be demanding,” he elaborated.

Utilizing technology in his daily routine

Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine, Sustiel said, “I use technology to communicate with my team, my clients and suppliers. This includes email, messaging apps and video conferencing tools.”

“For productivity and to stay organized, I also use technology including project management software; task management apps and calendar apps, all of which help me stay organized, and help me manage my time effectively,” he said.

“Lastly, I use technology for marketing and promotion, including social media platforms, digital advertising tools, email marketing software and analytics,” he added.

Career-defining moments

On his career-defining moments, he remarked, “I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my career that have made me a better leader. For example, I’ve learned to be a better manager and to delegate and not try to do everything myself.”

“I’ve also learned to be a lot more patient not just with others, but also with myself. And I’ve definitely learned the importance of getting tasks done quickly and in a timely manner,” he said.

Future plans

On his future plans, Sustiel shared,” My plans for the future include teaching and guiding young entrepreneurs by sharing my experiences and lessons I’ve learned along the way. I am currently in the process of writing a book and on a personal level, I’m enjoying traveling the world with loved ones.”

The best advice he was ever given

Regarding the best advice that he was ever given, he revealed, “Outwork everybody. There is no substitute for hard work. Also, never quit and trust your gut.”

Advice for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

For young and aspiring entrepreneurs, he said, “Nothing is more important than embracing hard work and being disciplined and being consistent. Success in entrepreneurship requires long hours and numerous sacrifices.”

“Also, my advice for young and aspiring entrepreneurs is to make sure you learn from failure. Failure is part of being an entrepreneur – and part of life. Embrace failures as an opportunity to learn from it and use it to grow and improve; adapt your strategies and keep pushing forward,” he elaborated.

AI on the future of the flooring industry

Sustiel addressed his views on how AI (artificial intelligence) can benefit the flooring industry. “I believe the flooring industry can benefit a great deal from AI. For example, AI can improve the customer experience by offering personalized recommendations based on customer preferences and previous purchases,” he said.

“AI chatbots can also provide quick customer support, answer questions and assist in product selection. AI can also help flooring companies optimize their inventory management processes and can predict demand; reduce overstocking or understocking, and improve overall operational efficiency,” he elaborated.

“Still, nothing replaces the interpersonal human connection and the best thing about my job is connecting with customers and developing long-lasting friendships and making sure they receive a great customer experience,” he explained.


On his definition of the word success, Sustiel said, “I believe success comes to those who help other people succeed. It’s not just about you, but also about giving back and helping others climb.”

“Success is also about achieving desired goals and feeling satisfied in various aspects of life, whether it’s your personal life or your professional life. For some people that means achieving financial stability or the respect of their peers and for others it’s about personal growth and happiness,” he concluded.

To learn more about Antonio Sustiel, follow him on Instagram.

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