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Busy highway: UK’s traffic hotspots revealed

Where are the UK’s busiest roads? a new travel survey provides the congested answers.

A shortage of computer chips has stalled auto manufacturing, driving a price increase for used vehicles. — © AFP
A shortage of computer chips has stalled auto manufacturing, driving a price increase for used vehicles. — © AFP

A new review into travel and traffic reveals that West Berkshire has the most driven on roads in the U.K. The review was conducted by insurance broker One Sure Insurance who analysed the total miles driven within all local authorities and compared them to each place’s population, to discover which U.K. roads have seen the most vehicles.

Busy roads tend to increase journey time and expense for motorists. These are areas characterised by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing.

West Berkshire, in South East England, takes first place with 11.03 thousand miles driven per person. The number is a result of over 1 billion miles driven, compared to its population of 161,455. In 2021 there were 1,501 million vehicle miles travelled on the local authority’s roads.

The City of London comes in second with 10.95 thousand miles driven per person. In 2021, 79.6 million vehicle miles were driven through it despite London having one of the largest public transport networks in the world.

Rutland, in East Midlands, comes in third with 9.81 thousand miles per person and 308 million vehicle miles driven on its roads in 2021.

The top ten was revealed to be:

RankLocal AuthorityThousand miles per person
1West Berkshire11.03
2City of London10.95
4Perth & Kinross9.59
7Dumfries & Galloway8.59
8South Gloucestershire8.47
9North Yorkshire8.31

Further down on the list Perth & Kinross, in Scotland, is fourth with 9.59 thousand miles driven per person, with a population of 151,910, while Warwickshire closes the top five with 9.53 thousand miles per person and a population of 596,740.

Respectively there were 1,335 million and 5,195 million vehicle miles travelled on their roads.

At the other end of the list, the Isle of Scilly is the local authority with the least travelled on roads with only 710 miles driven per person.

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