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Britney Drops Her Pants for Harper’s

Digital Journal — For someone who’s been begging for privacy the last few months, Britney Spears has done a complete 180, baring it all on the cover on July’s Harper’s Bazaar.

Sounds like déjà-vu for preggy mommies. The magazine cover and inside photo spread, photographed by Alexi Lubomirski in June, are reminiscent of Demi Moore’s notorious Vanity Fair cover 15 years ago where she posed completed nude, and very pregnant.

The Harper’s Bazaar cover shows the pop star cupping her breasts and modelling her new dark brunette ‘do, a necklace, and a six-month old bump. Spears is due to give birth in September.

Sounds like a fantastic publicity stunt. In recent weeks, tabloids have been hounding the 24-year-old mommy, engulfing themselves in her rocky marriage to Kevin Federline, her imminent move back to Louisiana and capturing her almost dropping her 9-month-old son, Sean Preston, (twice).

This time, Britney’s got the upper hand, as there’s nothing like posing nude pregnant to admit that you’re a) really pregnant and b) a little bit more confident than perceived.

The cover photo is the only shot the magazine has officially released, but other shots have surfaced on several blogs, including, without permission from the magazine.

The new issue of Harper’s Bazaar will be available July 25.

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