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Bon Jovi, the Clintons and Other Celebs Join Online Intellectual Hub

Digital Journal — Want to know how Jon Bon Jovi would like to improve America? Interested in peeking in on an online discussion forum starring Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong and American Idol judge Randy Jackson?

A new website has been launched in an effort to create a virtual community of “opinion drivers,” public and celebrity personalities who can offer intriguing discourse on the issues of the day. is the home for “involved, passionate and concerned individuals,” according to the site’s press release, who can “help rewrite the national agenda.”

The goal of Hotsoup will be to highlight different takes on major themes that are often overlooked. The founders also hope for the site to serve as a social-networking hub where like-minded experts or thinkers can exchange ideas. “Having a place where people from all walks of life can connect and discuss the issues they face will provide unprecedented opportunities to make positive impact in our communities,” says Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a HotSoup member.

Joining Clinton, Jovi and Jackson are other high-profiles names: Sen. Hillary Clinton, Bush aide Karen Hughes, Senator John McCain and many more. While celebrities will drive the popularity of HotSoup, the site expects everyday members to cultivate a community where intelligent forum threads regularly appear.

At first blush, HotSoup sounds like any site jumping on the social-networking bandwagon. But with the celebrity power behind much of the site’s content, HotSoup can set itself apart from the slush pile on the Web by posting exclusive content from some very exclusive people.

Whether Bill Clinton or Lance Armstrong will read their posts’ comment threads is another matter entirely. Still, HotSoup is a good idea that should inspire similar copycat sites.

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