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Biggest garage sale on earth could last for years, owner warns

Matthew Peter, warned the members of his Subdivision and the Development Appeal Board of the city, stating that there are options for him like appealing to higher courts and that he is ready for a lengthy legal battle.

The garage sale caught the attention of Edmontonians after neighbours complained to the authorities that the yard sale is continuing forever and creating a nuisance for the dwellers nearby. Many pointed out that Matthew is offering run-down materials, like dirty vacuum cleaners, old barbecues and rusty pots that have turned his property into a “junkyard.” Following the complaint by residents that the “junk” materials are hazardous due to sightings of rodents and pests, the city issued an order in July to clean up the property. However, Matthew appealed against the order, preventing the city from taking immediate action.

Following this the city requested a court injunction that was heard on September 15, the verdict of which is being awaited.

Matthew Peter is firm on appealing to the Court of Queen’s Bench, if the ruling is against him. If again the verdict is not favourable to him, he says that he will go to the Court of Appeal. According to him, the legal procedures can go on for more than two years helping him to continue the “biggest yard sale on earth,” for a couple of more years.

Since the city has no clear cut rules stating the amount of time a home owner can have his garage sale, there is no way they can forcefully clear the property, based on complaints like ‘nuisance to the neighbours’, he says.

Meanwhile Matthew Peter updated his Kijiji advertisement on September 30, inviting people to check out his large garage sale.

Screen grab of the Kijiji advertisemnt that Matthew Peter has put online

Screen grab of the Kijiji advertisemnt that Matthew Peter has put online

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