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Best-selling author Gary M. Douglas talks about ‘The Lady Book’ (Includes interview)

Most, if not all books, have a story about its creation. The Lady Book is such an amazing read I have to ask what’s the story behind ‘The Lady Book’.

“I recently offered a nine-part class called ‘The Lady’ in which class participants and I talked in-depth about what it means to be a lady. During the class, I asked participants to watch several movies made in the 1930s and 1940s, and we had some wonderful conversations about the female and male characters, their relationships with one another, and their way of being in the world. Many of these female characters were ladies, and it was illuminating to see how they functioned in the world. Female liberation was turned into an aggressive stance, instead of having an allowance. Not to see how to control life dynamically.”

When readers finish the Lady Book, what do you hope they take away with them?

“Being a lady is about choosing to be everything you are. It is knowing who you are and being grateful for that. You are who you are, without being defined by what other people think you should be. You don’t have the point of view that you have to be like anyone else.”

What book or author inspired you to start writing?

“Books have always been a great way to connect to people, and inspire them to know who they are–that is what inspires me to write.”

Writing a book like this is a grand undertaking, did you learn anything new about yourself while writing it?

“I wrote it to try to get people to learn new things about themselves, not learn things about me. The purpose of a book should be for people to get to know themselves and to become aware of things they didn’t know about themselves.”

I know you just released The Lady Book, but I have to ask – are you working on another book?

“I might be older but I don’t sit still very well. I am always working on another book.”

The Lady Book is available on Amazon, and check out its official homepage.

For more information on best-selling author Gary M. Douglas, check out his official website.

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