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Author Robert Pizzini talks about his book ‘Elevate Your Leadership’

Author Robert Pizzini chatted about his book “Elevate Your Leadership.”

Robert Pizzini
Author Robert Pizzini. Photo Courtesy of Robert Pizzini
Author Robert Pizzini. Photo Courtesy of Robert Pizzini

Author Robert Pizzini chatted about his book “Elevate Your Leadership.”

He is a highly accomplished leadership coach, speaker, and author. As a 26-year US Navy Veteran in Special Operations and current CEO of iFLY, Robert’s life has shaped him to be the ideal candidate to help anybody become a better leader today.

Whether you are a CEO or an entry-level employee, Robert’s book, “Elevate Your Leadership,” will give you new light into your leadership models and abilities. His high-energy style of leadership will be sure to help develop skills to help anybody adapt and evolve as true leaders themselves.

Pizzini spoke about his experiences and his new book.

Behind every leader is a great story. Can you tell us how your experiences in life molded you into the leader you are today?

Growing up playing several sports exposed me to leaders that I admired, and leaders that I did not admire. I remember those who positively impacted me and others. As an adult, my military experience, combined with my private sector business has a lot to do with how I view and practice leadership today. I have learned from highly talented leaders and continue to learn.

You’re a US Navy Veteran with 26 incredible years under your belt. Can you describe how this contributed to your current-day successes?

The US Navy teaches sailors how to be great teammates. Great teammates solve problems together and ultimately strive to become great leaders. In the Special Operations community, the most junior personnel are expected to lead in many capacities. I apply this methodology to my current business and other endeavors such as writing this book. The discipline, humor, and team approach I learned in the Navy is key to my day-to-day interactions inside and outside of my business.

Your book, “Elevate Your Leadership,” is a source of guidance for so many. What are the top three characteristics you believe create a great leader?

My top three components for great leadership are a balanced mix of education, experience, and training. All three are required to round out leadership development.

What’s your ideal way to spend some downtime? If you had a weekend all to yourself, how would you fill up that time?

An ideal weekend would include reading, exercising, playing hockey, and preparing an eating great food…all with my family.

You’ve garnered many accolades thus far in life. What would you like to see yourself accomplish within the next decade of time?

I hope to see how I positively impacted others, beginning with my children. Beyond that, I hope to write a few more business books and perhaps a novel based on US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), which would hopefully…certainly… become a blockbuster movie.

Finally, as an entrepreneur, I am always looking for business opportunities and hope to help other in their entrepreneurial journey.

His book “Elevate Your Leadership” is available on Amazon by clicking here.

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