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Amish.Net Announces New Amish Products And Travel Portal Website

The first portal website dedicated to information about the Amish
lifestyle and tourism and shopping in America’s Amish Country is now
available at Amish.Net. The May 2000 release of America’s Amish Country
II (Revisiting America’s Amish Country), which he co-authored by Leslie
A. Kelly, CEO of Amish.Net, and Doyle Yoder.

According to Kelly, “The Amish are making use of the Internet for
business purposes even though they do not have electricity in their
homes and don’t surf the Net. They are adopting some of the newest
technologies, such as cellular phones, pagers and computers, in the
operation of businesses in some of the more progressive settlements.

“With Amish settlements in twenty four states and Ontario, Canada, and
available farmland on the decline, more Amish are turning to making
furniture, quilts, and specialty foodstuffs to take advantage of the
increasing demand for their renowned craftsmanship and increased tourism
their rural areas.”

Amish.Net is the first portal website to provide a single source for
those seeking information about the Amish lifestyle, Amish Made products
and travel and tourism information for all areas of America’s Amish

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