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This airport allows marijuana on in-state flights

The airport allows it, but only if passengers are carrying the legal amount. On July 1, a law kicked in that allows people in Oregon to possess and use marijuana if they are 21+, and they can have up to 8 ounces in their homes. Residents can also carry up to an ounce outside their homes, but you cannot smoke it in public.

Officials indicated that passengers that carry small amounts of weeds won’t be targeted by the TSA. The TSA said that detecting threats to aviation security is what its main focus is. The agency also said that its main focus wasn’t to stop adult marijuana users who obey the carrying limit of one ounce or less.

Officials did say that travelling across state lines is a crime, and on a federal level. If a passenger is travelling outside of Oregon and they have marijuana on them, then they will have to leave the security area and store it in a safe place, like their car. The other options include giving it to someone who is not travelling, but they have to be at least 21, or surrender it to law enforcement.

Even though TSA officers don’t look for drugs that are illegal, they will still contact law enforcement if they do find them or any other items that may be in violation of the law.

If marijuana is found on travelers, then TSA will contact police, but if they are not underage and they have the legal limit, then they will be let go.

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