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4th-annual “Hot List” in May Issue of Condé Nast Traveler

The Condé Nast Traveler’s 4th Annual May “Hot List” issue is the largest
travel magazine ever, featuring 36 new hotels and resorts and 60 new
restaurants whose design, service, sense of place (and, if appropriate,
food) transcend industry standards. In an exacting screening process,
the magazine’s editorial staff sifted through the sea of hotels and
restaurants that opened in the past year, and called upon a global
network of editors and field reporters to visit each property-
incognito, of course.

For hotels, the findings show an amazing diversity- from Umbria’s
exquisite eight-room Palazzo Terranova to Las Vegas’s 3700-room
behemoth, Mandalay Bay. But hot and trendy do not have to mean pricey.
Check out, and into, the $83-a-night hipness of Hôtel Le Grimaldi in
Nice. The 36 hotels and resorts on this year’s Hot List encompass 18
countries and five continents.

As an insight into another culture, as a shortcut to meeting the locals,
and as one of life’s profound pleasures, food has no rival. Condé Nast
Traveler roamed the globe-from Mao’s old bomb shelter in Beijing to a
colonial mansion in Jamaica- and settled upon 60 of the newest and most
irresistible restaurants (19 of them in North America and the

The May issue of Condé Nast Traveler has been available on newsstands
since April 25th.

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