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Will Parfitt talks about his 2024 Canadian and USA Tour

Australian-based performer, dancer, model, and social influencer Will Parfitt chatted about his latest endeavors.

Will Parfitt
Will Parfitt. Photo Courtesy of Japs Photography
Will Parfitt. Photo Courtesy of Japs Photography

Australian-based performer, dancer, model, and social influencer Will Parfitt chatted about his latest endeavors.

2024 Tours in Canada and the USA

He discussed his upcoming 2024 Tours in Canada and USA as part of Magic Men Australia; moreover, he shared his insights on artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital age.

“I am so excited about the forthcoming Canadian tour,” he said. “It is going to be good to be back there again. We will be performing in some bigger venues, and we will be bringing in a whole new crew. It is going to be exciting to be back there.”

“We will finally be bringing our show to the United States as well,” he said. “It is going to be so good. This will be the first time that we will be performing in the USA, and we will be going all over. We want to give our fans overseas such an incredible show for them.”

“We are looking forward to bringing it to the rest of the world, and to experiencing different cultures. We want to show everyone what we’ve been cooking Down Under,” he added.

Channing Tatum doppelganger

At 33 years old, Parfitt has made a name for himself, and is known worldwide for being a Channing Tatum doppelganger. “I get the Channing comparisons every day, and they never grow old,” he said. “More and more people each day know me as ‘Will,’ and that’s pretty cool.”

Parfitt was born in London, England, on June 23, 1990… but he is now based in Melbourne, Australia.

He opened up about being a viral sensation on social media. “We just hit 1.8 million the other day on Instagram, and that’s crazy,” he said. “It all started with me doing TikToks in my bedroom during the lockdowns. It is crazy to see how far along we’ve come.”

AI on the future of the entertainment business

Parfitt shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of the entertainment business. “It is crazy,” he admitted. “It is actually mad, especially some of the things that are happening with AI.”

“In the future, they might have robots cloning us and doing our shows,” he said with a laugh. “Hopefully, if they can clone me, I can be doing double the number of shows… At that rate, I could be performing in Australia, USA, and Canada… all at the same time. That might come in handy, to be honest,” he jokingly laughed.


Parfitt expressed his appreciation for his fans, who have followed him along the way. “A massive ‘thank you’ to everyone. It wouldn’t be possible without them, especially for coming to our shows and receiving their love and support. Everybody that comes to the shows is appreciated,” he said.

To learn more about Will Parfitt, follow him on Instagram.

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