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Warren Zeiders talks about ‘Dark Night’ and ‘717 Tapes EP Vol. II’

Rising country star Warren Zeiders chatted with Digital Journal about his second highly-anticipated set of original tracks “717 Tapes EP Vol. II.”

Warren Zeiders
Warren Zeiders. Photo Credit: Chris Phelps
Warren Zeiders. Photo Credit: Chris Phelps

Rising country star Warren Zeiders chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about his second highly-anticipated set of original tracks “717 Tapes EP Vol. II.”

Zeiders’ distinctive, high-energy country music is powered by a steady supply of youthful grit, honesty, and muscle. Hailing from central Pennsylvania, the 22-year-old singer/songwriter delivers outlaw sermons in a gravelly voice beyond his years.

His music is suited more to the vast wilderness of his home state than the bright lights of Nashville, injecting a healthy dose of Heartland ethos into the honky tonks of Music City. But it’s that space he lives in—between lonesome outsider and magnetic performer—that helps him relate to listeners from all walks of life through songs fueled by unshakeable soul-searching.

His original solo acoustic version of “Ride The Lightning” became an instant hit with fans and racked up over 273 million views on TikTok alone. He has amassed over 137 million audio streams and 15.4 million video streams.

To date, Zeiders has gone on to command nearly 300 million combined streams and views and has impacted Billboard’s Hot Country Songs charts as his audience continues to grow week by week due to the consistent influx of millions of new streams. More music to come from Zeiders in the near future.

How did you approach the song selection process for “717 Tapes EP Vol. II”?

I’ve been writing a ton in Nashville for the past year or so, and it’s been amazing to learn the songwriting community and be able to write with so many great songwriters.  I’ve really connected with my fans on social media and have been able to get direct feedback on songs that I’m writing and working on.

So when it came to my new EP, I was playing and singing new music on my socials and live streams and my fans had a huge role in dictating what I believed the next EP should look like.

How did “Dark Night” come about?

I wanted to write “Dark Night” for a while and it took the right moment for me to figure out what the song was supposed to be about. It was a song title in my notes for months. I wrote this song to tell people to keep pushing forward even through the dark points.

I believed this message needed to be heard. You can face tough times but if you don’t continue to push through you’ll never know what lies ahead of you.

What inspires your music and songwriting?

My music comes from my own personal stories and to people close to me. When there’s a story that needs to be told I want to tell it. I have many musical influences from country to rock, southern rock to folk, Americana to punk rock. I truly have a love for music as a whole and draw from every avenue.”

How does it feel to be an artist in the digital age? (Now with streaming being so prevalent)

With social media being so immediate at the hands of billions, as an artist, I’m able to connect with so many people instantaneously. I have an instant connection with people without even having to walk out my door. It’s one thing for people to like your video, but it’s another getting them to buy into you as a person and your music.

I’ve been very fortunate to grow the fan base that I have who not only support me and believe in the music I’m making but also believe in the man I am.

Which female artists would you like to do a dream duet with?

Morgan Wade.  I like her vibe. 

What does the word success mean to you? (My favorite question)

I believe I will never truly achieve success. I say this with the mindset that I’m happy but not satisfied. I’m always looking for an opportunity to continue to grow and develop myself as a person and my artistry. The moment I think I have achieved success is the moment I fear I would lose my hunger and drive.

What would you like to tell our readers about your new music?

Over the past year, I’ve loved being able to bring people together through my music, especially bringing people with so many different tastes in music together in one spot.  It’s been exciting for me to learn that my music has that power, and I don’t take it lightly.

Check out Warren Zeiders’ music on digital service providers by clicking here.

Zeiders will be out touring this spring and summer, where his full itinerary is available on his website.

To learn more about country artist Warren Zeiders, follow him on Instagram.

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