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Video: ‘Killer Instinct’ Omen trailer

Killer Instinct is still in its second season, meaning there are new characters that owners can look forward to. Maya, TJ Combo, Kan-Ra and Riptor have already been released and are part of the current playable cast.

You have newcomer Omen coming in a few days and his introduction trailer has been streamed.

There is a brief treat at the end of the trailer reminiscent of the “New Contenders” trailer for Super Street Fighter IV, which loosely introduced Hakan at the end.

Omen is the shadowy spectral servant of Gargos that possessed Jago, which turned the latter into Shadow Jago. The trailer gives Omen’s story, which revealed he became free because Jago put up a resistance and was granted a semi-corporeal form.

His fighting style is unique compared to other fighters.

Omen’s main strengths are his speed and agility as the trailer shows. He can rush and get quick hits on his opponents, which will make him popular against the speed freaks. Omen’s slide technique travels underneath projectile attacks, which will make him popular to use against projectile spammers.

Do not assume that all is well if you manage to get close to Omen because he can summon protective shadow orbs that circle around him. Those orbs can be fired off like projectiles making it a plus to use Omen.

There were originally no plans to add Omen, meaning he is a bonus character.

The ending introduces Golem, the new character that will be released. Golem is currently being developed and it is unknown when he will be available.

If you have purchased the Ultra Edition for Killer Instinct: Season 2, you can grab Omen on January 30th.

If you bought the Combo Breaker Edition, Omen releases on February 5th.

Killer Instinct is an Xbox One exclusive as Microsoft serves as the publisher. Killer Instinct: Season 1 was developed by Double Helix before the company was acquired by Amazon. Iron Galaxy serves as the developer for Killer Instinct: Season 2.

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