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Video: ‘Killer Instinct’ Aganos trailer

If you checked out Omen’s trailer for season two of Killer Instinct, then you should have seen the appearance of Aganos at the end.

Aganos, the towering ancient war golem, will be available for Ultra Edition owners on February 27th and Combo Break Edition owners on March 5th. The trailer for Aganos reveals that his archenemy in the game is Kan-Ra, the first mummy character introduced in Killer Instinct.

It is apparent that Kan-Ra has spent most of his life to evade Aganos, but is caught every time.

This time Kan-Ra refuses to back down because of the immense dark power that he has amassed for himself, but Aganos does not give a flying f—k about it and plans to beat the undead s—t out of him.

Aganos is a unique powerhouse that will be interesting to use when he comes out next week.

He is slow, but Aganos can do a good job of compensating. One example is the ability to raise a stone pillar from the ground and smash the opponent into it. Another example, with Chief Thunder, is the ability to create a stone club and bash your opponent with it.

Aganos is the de facto powerhouse in Microsoft’s reboot of the popular Killer Instinct franchise.

If you are not careful, a good opponent will royally f—k you up with Aganos.

The end of the trailer reveals the next character that will be released for Killer Instinct season two.

This character is interesting because she seems inspired by Sadako from The Ring horror movie franchise. It will be interesting to see how this mysterious female fares when she is released in a few months.

She is effectively the first Japanese character in Killer Instinct.

Jago and Orchid are not Japanese contrary to what you may believe, they are Chinese.

There is a possibility that she will have history with Spinal and Kan-Ra because they are also undead characters.

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