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Video: Japanese anime ‘Blood Blockade Battlefront’ 2nd trailer

The second trailer has been streamed for the upcoming anime adaptation of Yasuhiro Nightow’s Blood Blockade Battlefront, scheduled to air in Japan in April. You can get acquainted with the main cast of Blood Blockade Battlefront starting with Klaus Von Reinherz, a master of the Brain Grid blood style used to create cross-shaped weaponry.

He looks like a brute, but acts like a gentleman in reality. Klaus is the primary protagonist of Blood Blockade Battlefront.

The second main character is a young boy named Leonard Watch, who cares for his paraplegic sister, a new recruit for Libra. Leonard is a photographer that possesses the special “Eyes of God,” which lets him access a plethora of special abilities.

Other characters introduced are Zap Renfro, Chain Sumeragi, Steven A. Starphase, K.K, Gilbert F. Alstein, Sonic Speed Monkey, Femto, Blitz T. Abrams, Patrick, Doug Hammer, Deldro Brody, Zed O’Brien, Michella Watch, Vivian, and Master of the Diner.

The original manga, available on North America through Dark Horse, is from the same person that created Trigun.

Blood Blockade Battlefront takes place in an alternate timeline of New York City, where it has become “Jerusalem’s Lot” after a portal known as “Beyond” opened. The portal, which remains open, allowed supernatural to travel to and reside within Jerusalem’s Lot.

The story centers on a law enforcement organization, “Libra,” that is tasked with neutralizing supernatural crimes. It is also charged with the task to prevent the horrors within Jerusalem’s Lot to exit and spread to other parts of the world let alone the United States.

Libra is headed by Klaus and known members are: Zap, Chain, Starphase, K.K, Alstein, Sonic Speed Monkey, Blitz, Patrick, Doug, and Deldro.

The atmosphere of Blood Blockade Battlefront feels like a combination of Sin City, Hellboy, Big O, Demonbane, and D. Gray-Man.

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