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Video: ‘Darker Than Black’ Blu-Ray trailer

Are you a fan of the anime series Darker Than Black?

If you have answered “yes” to that question, then you should know that FUNimation Entertainment is planning a home video release for Darker Than Black on Blu-Ray in May. FUNimation has streamed a “Coming Soon to Blu-Ray” trailer for Darker Than Black, which focuses on protagonist Hei.

On a side note, it should be known that Hei is Chinese for “black.”

You purchase the Blu-Ray of the entire first season in either the collector’s or standard editions, but supplies for the former are limited to 5,000. If you want to purchase a copy of the collector’s edition to Darker Than Black, then it will cost you about $100.

The collector’s edition will have 1080p HD visuals, 16:9 aspect ratio, episode commentaries, cast auditions, and more.

Capsule Computers reports that the official release date will be May 12th.

If you have watched Heroes, The 4400, Hamatora, Wizard Barristers, Tokyo ESP, The Unlimited: Hyobu Kyosuke, or Inou Battle Within Everyday Life, then you should easily understand the gist of Darker Than Black.

Darker Than Black takes place in the modern world where special superhuman powers exist. These special wielders are called Contractors because they are hired to carry out contract assassinations for the Syndicate, which has replaced the United States as the world’s only political and military superpower.

Contractors have special powers granted by the stars in the sky.

A Contractor’s power emerges when a star fades and is replaced by a “false star.” They gain immense superhuman powers at the cost of their humanity. Contractors also receive their name for a “compulsive contract” they pay after each use of their abilities like smoking cigarettes, folding clothes, baking cakes, and more.

Hei aka BK201 is the exception because he retains his emotions and is not bound to a “contract.”

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