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Veronica Montes talks about ‘Desert Dawn,’ and working with Kellan Lutz

Actress Veronica Montes chatted about starring in the new action thriller “Desert Dawn.”

Veronica Montes
Veronica Montes. Photo Credit: Oscar Valle.
Veronica Montes. Photo Credit: Oscar Valle.

Actress Veronica Montes chatted about starring in the new action thriller “Desert Dawn,” where she worked with Kellan Lutz.

‘Desert Dawn’

On being a part of the film “Desert Dawn,” she shared, “It is going really well. I am really excited. I can’t wait for it to come out soon.”

“This is a good action thriller movie so I hope people enjoy it as well,” she said.

Working with Kellan Lutz

Montes had great words about working with Kellan Lutz (“Twilight”), who is the male lead in “Desert Dawn.” “I really loved working with Kellan Lutz, he is a great partner, and he is really cool. Kellan is a very nice. He was very professional,” Montes said.

Montes on her character in the film

Montes is drawn to her character, Honesty, for a number of reasons. “It reminded me when I was a waitress a long time ago,” she admitted.

“Without giving too much away, I help Kellan Lutz solve a case for a little bit in the story. I had a good part,” she added.

The digital age

On being an actress in the digital age, Montes said, “It is great. Now, technology has given us so many platforms, and it has allowed us to be in Hollywood and in movies. It is perfect. It is a dream come true.”

Future plans

Regarding her future plans, Montes responded, “I have a few more projects this year, but I can’t say too much about them yet. You will be the first to know.

Advice for young and aspiring actors

For young and aspiring actors and models, she said, “I would tell them to have a lot of patience and to go after your dreams and to fight for your dreams. Be really disciplined. Remember while there will be a lot of rejections in this industry, there will be a person who will tell you ‘yes’.”

Career-defining moment: Moving to Mexico

Her career-defining moment involved moving to Mexico. “When I moved to Mexico, everything started to change in my career,” she said.

“I started to grow and thrive. I was able to do ‘La Condesa’ and that moment was huge for me. Everything changed in my life and my career, so I am very thankful for Mexico, which is always in my heart,” she added.

Stage of her life

On the title of the current chapter of her life, Montes said with a sweet laugh, “From nothing to everything.”

Superpower of choice

Her superpower of choice would be to “change minds.” “That would be perfect,” she admitted. “Or to read minds and see what people really think. Also, teleportation would be great as well. That would allow me to instantly be in Los Angeles, Mexico, and Peru.”

Favorite motto to live by

On her favorite motto to live by, she shared, “To be positive everyday for everything. Also, to focus on the goals in my life.”


Regarding her definition of the word success, Montes said, “Success means feeling good. Getting to where you are, and to where I want to be. Feeling that I did it in my career.”

To learn more about Veronica Montes, follow her on Instagram, and check out her IMDb page.

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