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Vedder Gabriel opens up about Chris Cornell tribute, technology (Includes interview)

This weekend, Vedder Gabriel will be performing at the Chris Cornell tribute. “Performing live on stage makes me feel so alive, loved and appreciated. It’s my favorite place to be,” he said.

“This Saturday is our School of Rock Tribute to the voice of our generation Chris Cornell. We’ve been rehearsing for four months and are covering songs from his epic career,” he said.

Gabriel noted that he is drawn to Cornell’s music due to its “passion.” “It’s loud, it rocks hard. No one can sing like Chris and his covers of Shirley Brown, Prince and Whitney Houston are just plain beautiful,” he said.

He listed “Sunshower” and “Superunknown” as his personal favorite Chris Cornell tunes to perform. “‘Sunshower’ is my mother’s favorite song and my mother is my favorite person on the whole planet,” he admitted. “‘Superunknown’ just flat out rocks my spirit,” he added.

Young artist Vedder Gabriel
Young artist Vedder Gabriel
Photo Courtesy of Vedder Gabriel

On his plans for the future, he said, “I want to travel the world as a musician, speak up for causes I believe in like clean water around the world with charity water and gun violence in schools. Also, I want to write and create music that can change the world.”

Regarding his musical inspirations, he said, “Music is in my veins. I love to read. I love words. There is always a song in my head, in my hands, and in my heart. I’m inspired by what I read, what I see and my vivid dreams. It never stops.”

For young and aspiring musicians, Gabriel encouraged them to “be loud.” “We have a voice. People want to hear what we have to say. I made a promise to Vicki Cornell that I would never let anyone tell me I can’t. Follow your dreams and never lose faith no matter what. Always be yourself because there is no one else better to be,” he elaborated.

Digital transformation of the music business

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On the impact of technology on the music business, Gabriel said, “I love Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify because I can listen to any song for every emotion I feel. iTunes gives me access to every song lyric and that’s how I learn.”

Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine, Gabriel said, “I go live on Instagram and Facebook every night. I sing my heart out and it’s not perfect but it’s in my blood and I’m getting stronger every day. My parents help me connect with amazing people from all over the world.”

He revealed that his single “Turn Guns Into Love” is available on iTunes and on Amazon.

To learn more about Vedder Gabriel, check out his official Facebook page.

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