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Unlocking the keys to musical brilliance: Junwen Liang’s story

Junwen’s love for playing the piano started when he was just nine years old

Photo courtesy of Junwen Liang
Photo courtesy of Junwen Liang

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Junwen Liang’s journey from the quaint Chinese city of Nanning to the global stage of classical music is a testament to his dedication. Junwen Liang’s story as a pianist whose artistry captivates hearts around the world is one that many will resonate with.  “I remember the first time I touched the keys. It was like a revelation — as if the piano had been waiting for me all along,” recalls Junwen.

Junwen’s love for playing the piano started when he was just nine years old. His rise to prominence grew with each performance as he garnered acclaim and recognition while drawing audiences into his world. His repertoire, ranging from the 18th-century classics to the Romantic masterpieces by composers such as Bach, Schubert, and Chopin, showcased his versatility and understanding of the art form.

From that moment, Junwen’s life became a whirlwind of practice sessions, competitions, and performances. His talent soon caught the attention of music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, earning him accolades and invitations to perform at prestigious venues around the world, such as Carnegie Hall’s Weill Concert Hall and the Academy of Music at the Kimmel Center.

Photo courtesy of Junwen Liang

Junwen’s journey has not been without its challenges. “There were times when I doubted myself when the pressure seemed overwhelming. But through it all, music was my anchor — my refuge in times of doubt and uncertainty,” he admits.

In June 2023, Junwen had a defining moment in his career as he was invited by the Texas State International Piano Festival  to perform a Mozart Piano Concerto with the Central Texas Philharmonic Orchestra. “It was a dream come true,” Junwen says. “To stand on stage, surrounded by the swell of a professional orchestra, was an experience I will never forget.”

Since then, Junwen’s career has continued to reach new heights. Junwen’s artistry has touched the hearts of audiences around the globe, from collaborations with world-renowned musicians to solo performances in prestigious concert halls.

Perhaps among the highlights of Junwen’s collaborative endeavors was his participation in Carnegie Hall’s Masterclass Series in 2022, where he had the privilege of working with the Berliner Philharmoniker’s principal cellist, Ludwig Quandt, alongside four fellow string musicians from the Peabody Institute. Together, they delved into Schubert’s Piano Quintet “Trout.”

“To learn from a musician of such caliber was an honor beyond words,” Junwen says. “It was a masterclass in every sense of the word — an experience that has forever shaped my approach to music.”

Looking ahead, Junwen’s plans to extend himself beyond the concert hall. He seeks to leverage music as a tool for cultural diplomacy and use his performances to foster understanding and unity across diverse communities. “Music is a universal language,” he says. “It has the power to unite people across borders and cultures.”

Photo courtesy of Junwen Liang

His upcoming engagements, including performances at esteemed venues like the Concerts and Fripp Island Friends of Music in South Carolina and the Afternoon Recital Series at Grunin Center in New Jersey, will serve to both showcase his artistry and passion for his music.

Junwen’s passion displays his commitment to his craft. In a world often clouded by competition and self-promotion, Junwen stands as someone authentic, with music that pushes boundaries and inspires generations. His journey is a testament to the beauty of music — a symphony of resilience, dedication, and profound artistry. 

As he continues to grace stages around the world, captivating audiences with his performances, Junwen’s legacy is sure to endure.

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