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Twitch sensation Emerome on her streaming career 

Emerome has learned how to use comedy and her gaming skills to create a fun viewing experience for fans and a solid brand.

Photo courtesy Emerome
Photo courtesy Emerome

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Emerome’s meteoric rise to Twitch fame was no accident. Her journey to Twitch’s front page and a strong streaming career took dedication, hard work, and focus. Emerome has learned how to use comedy and her gaming skills to create a fun viewing experience for fans and a solid brand. Her sponsorships and partnership with Twitch have given her a dream career. 

While preparing to take the LSAT exams, Emerome started streaming in May 2020. She had been making gaming content on YouTube for about four years before trying streaming and enjoyed the hobby, but did not consider it a career. Her good friend and popular YouTuber, sWooZie, encouraged her to start streaming. She decided to give it a try and quickly found a solid fan base—and she loved it. 

After three years of growing her Twitch profile and fan base, Emerome has been a featured streamer on Twitch’s front page for the last five months straight. Her following has expanded significantly—she has recently been averaging 500–600 concurrent viewers, and streaming is her full-time job. She is especially proud of her brand deals and sponsorships and feels honored to have the support of high-profile brands like HelloFresh, Aussie, and DTS. Twitch has also been a huge supporter of Emerome’s. The company recently gave her a partner manager, and she has since been invited to work on exciting sponsorships and projects with them. Emerome also spoke at an event hosted by Amazon and Twitch on October 11th that potential advertising clients attended.

Emerome knows that her streaming prowess does not only come from her gaming skills, although she has plenty. Her bubbly personality, comedic style, and comfort in front of the camera are all important to her success. She credits her interest in theater as a child for giving her the confidence to get in front of the camera. Emerome’s years as a YouTuber also helped her understand how to express her personality when recording. It took some time for her to be able to open up to her audience, but she knows that being authentic is crucial to connecting with her fans. They love her outgoing nature and ability to let loose on camera.

Emerome has worked hard to get where she is. Besides refining her comedic style and building confidence on camera, she is always gaining new sponsorships. One of her ongoing brand deals is with DTS, the company behind the IMAX sound systems. Emerome started working with DTS in 2021 when she was a smaller creator. She worked with the company on creating content for a home theater system with Phillips and participated in a DTS podcast series about women in streaming. More recently, Emerome became the first streamer to work with CIBC, a Canadian bank. This was one of her biggest contracts to date.

Emerome’s plans for the future are to continue streaming, creating gaming content, and growing her career. She loves streaming and puts that love into all of her work. Her fans are excited to see what she will do next, and with her recent partnership with Twitch, her next move will not disappoint.

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