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Tristan Rogers talks ‘General Hospital,’ fan events and ‘The Bay’ (Includes interview)

On April 27, Rogers will be a part of the “Legends of General Hospital” fan event in Rosemont, Illinois, and on the following day, April 28, they will be in Cleveland, Ohio. “It is going to be a great event,” he said. “It will consist of myself, Finola Hughes, Emma Samms, Ian Buchanan, John York, and Jackie Zeman. We have all worked before on these events, so it is a fun, relaxing group and it will be a lot of fun,” he foreshadowed.

For more information about these shows, check out the official General Hospital Fantasy website.

Rogers briefly spoke about Robert Scorpio, his character on General Hospital, working with Sonny Corinthos (played by Maurice Benard). “Robert working with Sonny has never been done before, and it is going down really well with the public,” he said. “I hope to see more of that in the future,” he said.

Each day, as an actor, Rogers is motivated by keeping his character different and unique. “I go in there and look for something different to incorporate into the character,” he said. “It doesn’t always have to be anything deep, it can be something subtle. That is always a challenge. That’s the things that I look for. I always look to bring something entertaining to the character.”

Rogers had nothing but positive remarks about working on the Emmy-award-winning series The Bay on Amazon Prime. “Working on The Bay is good. We’ve come a long way on that show. I have been with it ever since it started,” he said. “There are good performances and it’s a good cast. I think we get up there and we tackle some different stories. Expect to see more good things come from that in the future.”

When asked how he handles being dialogue-heavy as a soap actor, Rogers said, “It is something that we’ve always done. That’s the way it’s always been and you just get used to it. Learning the dialogue isn’t the problem. Making sense of it is a problem, and making it sound interesting since it can get very repetitive. It is up to you as an actor to always keep it interesting.”

Rogers continued, “The brain is a muscle and when you don’t use it for a while, the muscle gets lazy.”

For young and aspiring actors, Rogers encouraged them to “be patient.” “There are more people now than there ever was, especially when I started. It is extremely competitive,” he said. “Be involved in all of the business. It is, after all, show business.”

On the impact of technology on the entertainment business, especially with streaming services, Rogers said, “The more the better. There can’t be anything really negative about it. Streaming brings The Bay to a much greater audience, and it allows more people to watch it and get involved in The Bay life.”

The Australian-American actor acknowledged that because of the pressure (and the fast-paced environment) these days of daytime acting, they have to work three times as hard as they did back in the ’80s. “Most people have no idea what goes into a daytime drama. All they see is the finished product,” he said.

Regarding the key to longevity in acting and entertainment, Rogers underscored that it is all about “keeping it fresh and interesting,” especially with the volume of work that they do in the daytime world. “If you just read the lines, you are not going to last long. What makes you stand out, especially in a soap opera, is about keeping it fresh and entertaining,” he said.

For his dedicated fans, Rogers said, “It is always great to talk to the fans face-to-face. These personal appearances are the only time that we get to do that. You get a real understanding of what the public thinks of you face-to-face.”

Rogers defined the word success as “knowing that you did a good job.” “Knowing that you did the best job you could and it really measured up. It’s a feeling of personal gratification,” he explained. “At the end of the day, success is when things worked out really well.”

To learn more about acclaimed actor Tristan Rogers, check out his official website and follow him on Twitter.

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