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Tracy Young talks Grammy win, Madonna, digital age, and success (Includes interview)

She took home the 2020 Grammy Award for “Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical” for Madonna’s “I Rise” (Tracy Young’s Pride Into Radio Remix). “I never thought I would be nominated, so I was just getting used to that, and now I won so it’s another blessing,” she said.

“All of the tracks I was nominated alongside were great, so I was a fan of those,” she admitted. “I think the fact that mine was a Madonna remix helped, but again, I never really expected the win, and I was okay with that since the nomination felt like I already had one.”

“I loved the Madame X album, and in particular, I loved ‘I Rise,’ so I wanted to do a version for the dance-floor. The best part was that this remix happened organically. That’s why this song was really special to me. Also, the song is important in its original form,” she added.

With this Grammy nomination and win, Young made music history since she was the first female remixer and producer to ever be nominated and to subsequently win this competitive Grammy category. “That was amazing. Just to be recognized felt like such a win. The support and the love I have been receiving, as a result, is overwhelming. I really do feel the love and it’s an unbelievable feeling,” she said.

“I texted Madonna after the win, telling her that we won, and she texted me back saying ‘Congratulations.’ Madonna has been such a supporter in my whole career,” Young said.

In 2000, Young served as a DJ for Madonna’s wedding to Guy Ritchie.

On being an artist in the digital age, she said, “I am still getting used to the digital age since it moves quickly. It’s very different now and there is so much music now.”

For Young, some of the most defining moments in her career were the trials and tribulations that she went through, and the moments that she wasn’t winning awards. “When you are struggling to get work, and when people are telling you ‘no.’ Those are the moments that defined me. Everybody gets rejected in this career,” she said.

Regarding her plans for 2020, she shared that she will be focusing on PrideFest and new music. “I feel very inspired and I will be released a bunch of music,” she said. “Also, I would like to work on original music with some of the artists that I’ve remixed for. I want to explore those opportunities.”

On the title of the current chapter of her life, she said, “Self-love.”

For young and aspiring DJs and producers, she encouraged them to work hard and be proactive. “I am living proof of the career that I’ve had as long as I have. I’ve had some really low moments even after having achieved so much. Just continue and don’t give up if this is what you want to do. Work hard and know your craft,” she said.

The Grammy award-winning DJ defined the word success as “being able to make a living doing something that you love.”

Tracy Young remixes of Madonna’s “I Rise” are available on Apple Music.

For more information on esteemed DJ and producer Tracy Young, check out her official website and her Facebook page.

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