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Timothy Woodward Jr. talks about ‘Studio City’ on Amazon Prime (Includes interview)

“Directing the new digital drama series Studio City was a fascinating, unique and exciting opportunity for me that I jumped at the chance to do,” he said. “I was able to direct some of the best, and in my opinion underrated, talent in television. I had an incredible team, cinematographer, some amazingly talented writers, and I got to dip my toe into the world of directing a digital series which is so drastically different from feature films. I am very grateful to everyone involved.”

“I think what I loved most about Studio City was being able to tell stories that touch on important social issues in a way the is still entertaining, light and fun,” he said. “We were really able to dive into some pretty intense storylines while keeping the levity with the comic relief. I also grew up watching soaps, which is a big bonus.”

He had nothing but the kindest remarks about working with lead actor and creator Sean Kanan and his wife, Michele Kanan. “Sean and Michele were an absolute dream to work with. They are both amazing humans, incredibly easy to work with and so generous. I actually worked with Sean for the first time on a feature project I directed called Gangster Land, and I can’t wait for our next collaboration,” he said.

He feels that it is both a blessing and a bane to be a director in the digital age. “Directing in the digital age is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because there are so many more opportunities for your project to actually get greenlit, and a curse because there are so many markets and they are so saturated that it can be difficult for your project to break through all the noise. I think the most important thing for me is to make sure to try to grow more as a storyteller on each and every project,” he said.

When asked what motivates him each day, he said with a laugh, “My dog’s Biscuit and Gravy.” “In all seriousness, I am from a small town in South Carolina so I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love to do in Hollywood and I don’t want to waste such an amazing opportunity. My grandma always tells me each day is a gift and that’s why they call it the present,” he explained.

For young and aspiring filmmakers, he encouraged them to give it a shot. “Just do it. If you wait around for someone else to make your project you could be waiting forever. If you are passionate about it just sink your teeth into a project and make it. Get it out there and get eyeballs on it. Even if it’s not award-worthy, you’ll never learn to swim and you won’t grow as an artist if you don’t just jump straight into the deep end,” he said.

Studio City scored 12 Indie Series Award nominations. “That felt amazing. I am so proud of our team for all the hard work, dedication and commitment to the cause. It’s never easy making an independent project, but when you see the final product it’s so rewarding, and getting recognized for the hard work is the cherry on top of the sundae,” he said.

Woodward Jr. concluded about Studio City, “It’s our love letter to soaps so please check it out and keep an eye out for Season 2. Whoops, maybe I wasn’t supposed to announce that yet.”

Studio City, created by Sean Kanan and directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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