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Tim Rozon of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ talks about ‘SurrealEstate’ Season 2, working with Sarah Levy

Canadian actor Tim Rozon of “Schitt’s Creek”‘ chatted about “SurrealEstate” Season 2, and working with Sarah Levy

Tim Rozon
Tim Rozon. Photo by Smallz & Raskind.
Tim Rozon. Photo by Smallz & Raskind.

Canadian actor Tim Rozon of “Schitt’s Creek”‘ chatted about “SurrealEstate” Season 2, and working with Sarah Levy.

‘SurrealEstate’ Season 2

“It was really good. We did 10 episodes in 35 days, which is unheard of. We did the first season in almost four months. We had two units running at the same time, which you don’t have on a lot of film sets but I really liked it like that. When I am there to work, I like to work.”

“As a whole story, Season 2 comes together in the end,” he admitted. “Our creator, George R. Olson, is a very smart man.”

“Thank you to the fans for watching, it means the world to me,” he expressed. “I love doing this series, and hopefully, we will get to do more. I am thankful and grateful to every person that watched it and enjoyed the show.”

Working with Sarah Levy

“Sarah is the best,” he exclaimed about working with Sarah on this series. “That entire cast was incredible. It is a bunch of friends hanging out. They are all very talented actors. I watched this season and felt I was the weakest link when I was watching each episode. I’m not saying that I’m bad, but they were all so good together.”

“Sarah is trapped in one of the houses (spoiler alert) so when she is gone, you feel her absence. That is just a testament to Sarah Levy being a powerful actor and character,” he added.

Fan conventions

Rozon shared that he enjoyed doing fan conventions this year, such as the Earp Division Expo, and GalaxyCon. “I really love those because they have multiple fandoms,” he said.

“It is really nice to meet the ‘Instant Star’ fans, as well as the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ fans, the ‘Wynonna Earp’ fans, and the ‘Lost Girl’ fans. It is fun to mix and match at the GalaxyCon.”

Future plans

Regarding his future plans, he remarked, “I have a lot of things that I did last year that are still coming out that I am super excited about. I threw my hat in a new ring this year with producing. I executive produced my first film this year, and it is wrapping this week.”

Rozon revealed that he is working on a new graphic novel with Beau Smith, the creator of “Wynonna Earp.” “We are working on a new book called ‘The Ages of Danger,’ and I am very excited about that,” he said.

Rozon is looking forward to the holidays this season

He noted that he is looking forward to the holidays this year. “I love the holidays, they are super fun. My son is four years old, so it’s all about him and the presents that he gets for the holidays. I’m a big giver so I love giving. I think this holiday is meant for me to give gifts to people and make them happy. In return, I only ask for a car wash gift card and maybe some socks.”

“Last year, I almost died, it wasn’t the best holiday. My appendix exploded,” he recalled. “I don’t recommend that to anybody… Keep your appendix as long as you possibly can,” he said with a sweet laugh.

“This year, is already a way better holiday season, as a result,” he added.

Favorite mottos to live by

On his favorite mottos to live by, Rozon said, “Just be kind. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s a choice and you can make it. It’s a good way to live your life. Treat yourself good and with kindness, and be kind to other people.”

Playing Mutt in ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Rozon recalled his time on the Emmy award-winning series “Schitt’s Creek,” where he played the role of Mutt Schitt. “Mutt was one of my favorite characters to play, he is a quiet, simple guy. It felt so right playing Mutt,” he said.


On his definition of the word success, Rozon said, “Success, for me, is the ability to keep working, to be honest. I am lucky to work on projects that I want to work on. That’s why I’m really happy to get into producing.”

To learn more about Tim Rozon, follow him on Instagram and on Twitter.

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