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Theory of a Deadman talks about their new rock album ‘Dinosaur’

Tyler Connolly of the rock band Theory of a Deadman chatted about their new album “Dinosaur,” which was released on March 17, and the digital age.

Theory of a Deadman
Theory of a Deadman. Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine.
Theory of a Deadman. Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine.

Tyler Connolly of the rock band Theory of a Deadman chatted about their new album “Dinosaur,” which was released on March 17, and the digital age.

Aside from Tyler Connolly on lead vocals and guitar, Theory of a Deadman is made up of Dave Brenner on guitar and backing vocals, Dean Back on bass, and Joey Dandeneau on the drums.

Song selection approach

On the song selection process for the new album “Dinosaur,” Connolly said, “This one was kind of tough, to be honest. We had 14 songs, and the label wanted us to narrow it down to 10, and we agreed because a shorter album is more old-school and it is more refined.”

“We put the 10 songs that all made sense together, and the other four didn’t fit the vibe, so we have four songs sitting around that people will hear at some point. This album was a process,” he said.

Favorite song on the album

Connolly listed “Ambulance” as his personal favorite song on the new CD. “We play it live every night and it’s so much fun,” he admitted. “That song feels old-school and a little nostalgic. Lyrically, it is about having a good time.”

On August 24, they will be performing at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York. “We’ve performed there before, and it’s one of the big fairs. It will be a great show and we are excited that they are having us back,” he said.

Co-headlining tour with Skillet

He noted that Theory of a Dreadman’s co-headlining tour with Skillet has been going very well. “The tour is going awesome, it is actually go way better than we expected and everybody is having a great time. It is one of the best tours that we’ve done, where everyone’s vision is the same. We like it so much that we will do a second leg of it in the winter” he said.

The digital age

On being an artist in the digital age, he said, “You need to remind yourself that you are old and that you have actually seen some stuff. Kids these days at 20 years old don’t even know who Justin Timberlake is, it’s crazy. I grew up on cassettes, and our albums used to come out and be available in the stores, and on release day, we would go to the stores to buy our own records. Now, it’s the digital age so it’s weird. I don’t think it’s as exciting, it is kind of sad.”

“On the other hand, it’s great because the access to the fans is instant, and they can have the whole album by midnight,” he added.

Dream collaboration choices

Connolly listed Garth Brooks as his dream collaboration choice in music. “I would like to do something different… with Garth Brooks,” he said. “Some of my heroes are dead such as Chris Cornell, that would have been cool.”

Mark Tremonti

He also praised Mark Tremonti from Alter Bride for being “so talented.” “Mark sent me his Sinatra songs last year before he released them. He is so good, it’s ridiculous, and he has the original band on there too. I give him props to do something like that. It is nerve-wracking to step into those shoes and he did all them for a great cause to raise money for charity. Mark Tremonti is a Hall of Fame guitar player right there,” he said.

“Dinosaur” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

“I hope this is an album that will put smiles on people’s faces. Our last two records were quite dark, so this one is a lot more fun with more Theory of a Deadman tongue- in-cheek songs,” he concluded about “Dinosaur.”

To learn more about the rock group Theory of a Deadman, check out their official website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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