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Teen singer Mahkenna talks single, charity work, Justin Bieber (Includes interview)

On the concept for her 360 music video for “Sing it Out,” she said: “We filmed a 360 virtual reality music video for my new song “Sing It Out”. It was a super fun experience and great to have all of my entertainment friends be in the film with me. For the video we were able to use technology that I hadn’t seen before. Four cameras hung from the ceiling pointing in all directions so we were able to get a shot of the whole room like a panorama picture. The Director and his team were in another room monitoring everything off a computer. Not only did I have a wonderful time but I learned a lot more about how everything works It gave me a better understanding of what I love to do. I was very happy to have worked with such a great team!”

Her plans for the future are to embark on a three-month tour, and eventually, after creating more songs, go on more long and exciting tours. “I want to be able to see and connect with my fans and let them be just excited as me. It would be a great experience to ride in a tour bus, it has been one of my dream to do so. I would also enjoy being a character in a feature film, it would be a rush and just amazing. Another thing to do in the future would be to do a collaboration with people who are more experienced with me. It would give me a greater understanding and make me a more experienced artist,” she said.

She continued, “Every song I do I want to grow and let the new song be even better then the last one. I want my style to evolve and grow. I want it to be positive so everyone can listen to it. New projects are already in process.”

Throughout her career, she has shared the stage with such talents as Drake Bell, Jordyn Jones and Mackenzie Sol. “It was really fun to share the stage with such talented people. Mackenzie is one of my really good friends so I always have a great time with him. Jordyn Jones and Drake bell are also really awesome to share the stage with them, talking back stage, and making good relationships,” she said.

Each day, she is motivated simply by proving all her naysayers wrong. “My second motivation is that I love what I do and I can see the outcome of each day thanks to the hard work,” she said.

She listed Shawn Mendes and The Biebs as her dream male duet choices. “Shawn Mendes is so talented and young so he would be one of them. My second duet would be with Justin Bieber because what teen girl wouldn’t. He is amazing,” she said, prior to crediting Arianda Grande and Taylor Swift as her greatest musical influences.

For aspiring musicians, she said, “Don’t let the haters bring you down. Turn all the negative comments into motivation to be better.”

Mahkenna is actively involved with charities. “I have been doing charity events for a very long time now. I have personally thrown benefit concerts for girls with leukemia and performed at other people’s benefit concerts like ‘Rockin a cure’ for girls with cystic fibrosis. I’ve also worked with the Special Olympics because my little brother actually has down syndrome. I’ve also performed in L.A. children’s hospitals and other places, anywhere that I can help put a smile on someone’s face especially when people don’t have that much to smile about. Another one I do is ‘Rainbows child foundation’ for clean water wells in Africa. I also work with ‘Expect 2 Win,’ where we give out scholarships to hard-working students,” she said. “Everyone sees bad things happening around the world and they can talk about how sad they are, but a lot of people don’t do anything about it. I have the opportunities to help out so I take those opportunities as much as I can.”

“Sing It Out” is available on iTunes.

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